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bug 726539 - reftests for repeated feature in -moz-font-feature-settings. r=jdaggett

# Tests for opentype font feature control (bug 511339)
# These rely on the Linux Libertine font (loaded via @font-face)
# to ensure that features are present.

# Feature support is currently enabled only on Mac OS X by default

# check that Turkish language causes a change in rendering (no fi ligature)
# (also works via Pango)
HTTP(..) != font-features-turkish.html font-features-ref.html

# check that disabling ligatures causes a change
HTTP(..) != font-features-noliga.html font-features-ref.html

# check that enabling optional ligatures causes a change
HTTP(..) != font-features-hlig.html font-features-ref.html

# compare Turkish rendering with reference using ZWNJ to break the ligature
# (also works via Pango)
fails-if(d2d) HTTP(..) == font-features-turkish.html font-features-turkish-ref.html

# compare Turkish rendering with explicitly disabled ligatures
HTTP(..) == font-features-turkish.html font-features-noliga.html

# The following should pass even if feature support isn't available,
# because both testcase and reference will have the default rendering,
# though they're not really meaningful unless the tests above passed already.

# compare feature specified within @font-face to same feature in style rule
HTTP(..) == font-features-hlig-2.html font-features-hlig.html

# check that feature in style rule overrides @font-face
HTTP(..) == font-features-hlig-3.html font-features-noliga.html

# compare -moz-font-language-override rendering to lang-tagged rendering
HTTP(..) == font-features-turkish-override-1.html font-features-turkish.html
HTTP(..) == font-features-turkish-override-2.html font-features-turkish.html

# check use of -moz-font-language-override to override explicit lang tag
HTTP(..) == font-features-turkish-override-3.html font-features-ref.html
HTTP(..) == font-features-turkish-override-4.html font-features-ref.html
HTTP(..) == font-features-turkish-override-5.html font-features-turkish.html

# check that last value wins if a feature is repeated
HTTP(..) == font-features-order-1.html font-features-ref.html
HTTP(..) == font-features-order-2.html font-features-noliga.html