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Bug 577708: Remove Algol-like display optimization. (r=dvander)

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#Input: [-d dir]
#Compares with: foo1.class foo2.class (if -d specified, checks in 'dir', 
#  otherwise assumes .class files in same directory as .java files)
#Returns: list of input arguments which are newer than corresponding class
#files (non-existant class files are considered to be real old :-)

$found = 1;

if ($ARGV[0] eq '-d') {
    $classdir = $ARGV[1];
    $classdir .= "/";
} else {
    $classdir = "./";

foreach $filename (@ARGV) {
    $classfilename = $classdir;
    $classfilename .= $filename;
    $classfilename =~ s/.java$/.class/;
     $ctime,$blksize,$blocks) = stat($filename);
     $ctime,$blksize,$blocks) = stat($classfilename);
#    print $filename, " ", $mtime, ", ", $classfilename, " ", $classmtime, "\n";
    if ($mtime > $classmtime) {
        print $filename, " ";
        $found = 0;

print "\n";