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Bug 577708: Remove Algol-like display optimization. (r=dvander)

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# The Bourne shell (sh) on OSF1 doesn't handle "set -e" correctly,
# which we use to stop LOOP_OVER_DIRS submakes as soon as any
# submake fails.  So we use the Korn shell instead.
SHELL = /usr/bin/ksh

include $(CORE_DEPTH)/coreconf/


CC         = cc
CCC        = cxx
RANLIB     = /bin/true
CPU_ARCH   = alpha

	OPTIMIZER += -Olimit 4000

NON_LD_FLAGS += -ieee_with_inexact

ifeq ($(USE_PTHREADS),1)
	OS_CFLAGS += -pthread

# The command to build a shared library on OSF1.
MKSHLIB    += ld -shared -expect_unresolved "*" -soname $(notdir $@)
MKSHLIB += -hidden -input $(MAPFILE)
PROCESS_MAP_FILE = grep -v ';+' $< | grep -v ';-' | \
 sed -e 's; DATA ;;' -e 's,;;,,' -e 's,;.*,,' -e 's,^,-exported_symbol ,' > $@

DSO_LDOPTS += -shared

# required for freebl
# this platform name does not use a bit tag due to only having a 64-bit ABI