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Bug 1291229 - Fix typo for moving Java bindings to mozilla::java namespace. r=jchen MozReview-Commit-ID: KGAS6EhnwAI

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dictionary TouchEventInit : EventModifierInit {
  sequence<Touch> touches = [];
  sequence<Touch> targetTouches = [];
  sequence<Touch> changedTouches = [];

[Constructor(DOMString type, optional TouchEventInit eventInitDict),
interface TouchEvent : UIEvent {
  readonly attribute TouchList touches;
  readonly attribute TouchList targetTouches;
  readonly attribute TouchList changedTouches;

  readonly attribute boolean altKey;
  readonly attribute boolean metaKey;
  readonly attribute boolean ctrlKey;
  readonly attribute boolean shiftKey;

  void initTouchEvent(DOMString type,
                      boolean canBubble,
                      boolean cancelable,
                      Window? view,
                      long detail,
                      boolean ctrlKey,
                      boolean altKey,
                      boolean shiftKey,
                      boolean metaKey,
                      TouchList? touches,
                      TouchList? targetTouches,
                      TouchList? changedTouches);