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Bug 1291229 - Fix typo for moving Java bindings to mozilla::java namespace. r=jchen MozReview-Commit-ID: KGAS6EhnwAI

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interface TelephonyCall : EventTarget {
  // Indicate which service the call comes from.
  readonly attribute unsigned long serviceId;

  readonly attribute TelephonyCallId id;

  // In CDMA networks, the 2nd waiting call shares the connection with the 1st
  // call. We need an additional attribute for the CDMA waiting call.
  readonly attribute TelephonyCallId? secondId;

  readonly attribute TelephonyCallState state;

  // The property "emergency" indicates whether the call number is an emergency
  // number. Only the outgoing call could have a value with true and it is
  // available after dialing state.
  readonly attribute boolean emergency;

  // Indicate whether the call state can be switched between "connected" and
  // "held".
  readonly attribute boolean switchable;

  // Indicate whether the call can be added into TelephonyCallGroup.
  readonly attribute boolean mergeable;

  readonly attribute DOMError? error;

  readonly attribute TelephonyCallDisconnectedReason? disconnectedReason;

  readonly attribute TelephonyCallGroup? group;

  Promise<void> answer();
  Promise<void> hangUp();
  Promise<void> hold();
  Promise<void> resume();

  attribute EventHandler onstatechange;
  attribute EventHandler ondialing;
  attribute EventHandler onalerting;
  attribute EventHandler onconnected;
  attribute EventHandler ondisconnected;
  attribute EventHandler onheld;
  attribute EventHandler onerror;

  // Fired whenever the group attribute changes.
  attribute EventHandler ongroupchange;

enum TelephonyCallState {

enum TelephonyCallDisconnectedReason {