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Bug 1291229 - Fix typo for moving Java bindings to mozilla::java namespace. r=jchen MozReview-Commit-ID: KGAS6EhnwAI

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interface NamedNodeMap {
  getter Attr? getNamedItem(DOMString name);
  [Throws, BinaryName="setNamedItemNS"]
  Attr? setNamedItem(Attr arg);
  Attr removeNamedItem(DOMString name);

  getter Attr? item(unsigned long index);
  readonly attribute unsigned long length;

  Attr? getNamedItemNS(DOMString? namespaceURI, DOMString localName);
  Attr? setNamedItemNS(Attr arg);
  Attr removeNamedItemNS(DOMString? namespaceURI, DOMString localName);