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Bug 410326 do_CreateInstanceFromCategory is no longer used. r/sr=benjamin,a1.9=dsicore

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#include "nsISupports.idl"

interface nsIDOMWindow;

 * A series of hooks into non-IDL-ized layout code to allow all the
 * layout debugging functions to be used from chrome.

[scriptable, uuid(4b968d4b-9c08-4635-a7e0-55084843f0fd)]
interface nsILayoutDebuggingTools : nsISupports

     * Initialize debugger object to act on a docshell.
    void init(in nsIDOMWindow win);

     * Notify the debugger that the docshell has been told to load a new
     * URI.
    void newURILoaded();

    /* Toggle various debugging states */
    attribute boolean visualDebugging;
    attribute boolean visualEventDebugging;
    attribute boolean paintFlashing;
    attribute boolean paintDumping;
    attribute boolean invalidateDumping;
    attribute boolean eventDumping;
    attribute boolean motionEventDumping;
    attribute boolean crossingEventDumping;
    attribute boolean reflowCounts;

    /* Run various tests. */
    void dumpWebShells();
    void dumpContent();
    void dumpFrames();
    void dumpViews();

    void dumpStyleSheets();
    void dumpStyleContexts();

    void dumpReflowStats();