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Bug 410326 do_CreateInstanceFromCategory is no longer used. r/sr=benjamin,a1.9=dsicore

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#include "nsAccessibleWrap.h"

#import <Cocoa/Cocoa.h>

#import "mozAccessibleProtocol.h"

@class mozRootAccessible;

@interface mozAccessible : NSObject <mozAccessible>
  nsAccessibleWrap *mGeckoAccessible;  // weak reference; it owns us.
  NSMutableArray   *mChildren;         // strong ref to array of children
  // we can be marked as 'expired' if Shutdown() is called on our geckoAccessible.
  // since we might still be retained by some third-party, we need to do cleanup
  // in |expire|, and prevent any potential harm that could come from someone using us
  // after this point.
  BOOL mIsExpired;
  // the nsIAccessible role of our gecko accessible.
  PRUint32        mRole;

// inits with the gecko owner.
- (id)initWithAccessible:(nsAccessibleWrap*)geckoParent;

// our accessible parent (AXParent)
- (id <mozAccessible>)parent;

// a lazy cache of our accessible children (AXChildren). updated
- (NSArray*)children;

// returns the size of this accessible.
- (NSValue*)size;

// returns the position, in cocoa coordinates.
- (NSValue*)position;

// can be overridden to report another role name.
- (NSString*)role;

// a subrole is a more specialized variant of the role. for example,
// the role might be "textfield", while the subrole is "password textfield".
- (NSString*)subrole;

// returns the native window we're inside.
- (NSWindow*)window;

// the accessible description of this particular instance.
- (NSString*)customDescription;

// the value of this element.
- (id)value;

// name that is associated with this accessible (for buttons, etc)
- (NSString*)title;

// help text associated with this element.
- (NSString*)help;

- (BOOL)isEnabled;

// information about focus.
- (BOOL)isFocused;
- (BOOL)canBeFocused;

// returns NO if for some reason we were unable to focus the element.
- (BOOL)focus;

// notifications sent out to listening accessible providers.
- (void)didReceiveFocus;
- (void)valueDidChange;

#pragma mark -

// invalidates and removes all our children from our cached array.
- (void)invalidateChildren;

// makes ourselves "expired". after this point, we might be around if someone
// has retained us (e.g., a third-party), but we really contain no information.
- (void)expire;
- (BOOL)isExpired;

#ifdef DEBUG
- (void)printHierarchy;
- (void)printHierarchyWithLevel:(unsigned)numSpaces;

- (void)sanityCheckChildren;
- (void)sanityCheckChildren:(NSArray *)theChildren;

// ---- NSAccessibility methods ---- //

// whether to skip this element when traversing the accessibility
// hierarchy.
- (BOOL)accessibilityIsIgnored;

// called by third-parties to determine the deepest child element under the mouse
- (id)accessibilityHitTest:(NSPoint)point;

// returns the deepest unignored focused accessible element
- (id)accessibilityFocusedUIElement;

// a mozAccessible needs to at least provide links to its parent and
// children.
- (NSArray*)accessibilityAttributeNames;

// value for the specified attribute
- (id)accessibilityAttributeValue:(NSString*)attribute;

- (BOOL)accessibilityIsAttributeSettable:(NSString*)attribute;
- (void)accessibilitySetValue:(id)value forAttribute:(NSString*)attribute;