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Bug 410326 do_CreateInstanceFromCategory is no longer used. r/sr=benjamin,a1.9=dsicore

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#include "nsAccessibleRelation.h"

#include "nsIMutableArray.h"
#include "nsComponentManagerUtils.h"

  nsAccessibleRelation(PRUint32 aType, nsIAccessible *aTarget) :
  mType(aType), mTarget(aTarget)

// nsISupports
NS_IMPL_ISUPPORTS1(nsAccessibleRelation, nsIAccessibleRelation)

// nsIAccessibleRelation
nsAccessibleRelation::GetRelationType(PRUint32 *aType)

  *aType = mType;
  return NS_OK;

nsAccessibleRelation::GetTargetsCount(PRUint32 *aCount)

  *aCount = 1;
  return NS_OK;

nsAccessibleRelation::GetTarget(PRUint32 aIndex, nsIAccessible **aTarget)

  NS_IF_ADDREF(*aTarget = mTarget);
  return NS_OK;

nsAccessibleRelation::GetTargets(nsIArray **aRelations)

  nsCOMPtr<nsIMutableArray> relations = do_CreateInstance(NS_ARRAY_CONTRACTID);

  relations->AppendElement(mTarget, PR_FALSE);

  NS_ADDREF(*aRelations = relations);
  return NS_OK;