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Bug 97954: Allow SpiderMonkey to be built on its own, or as part of Mozilla. Give SpiderMonkey its own configure script and top-level Makefile. Adjust js/src/Makefile as appropriate for life as a stand-alone makefile, instead of a 'make export; make libs'-style Mozilla tier makefile. Have the configure script accept '--with-nspr-cflags' and '--with-nspr-libs' options for using an in-tree NSPR. Also accept '--with-system-nspr', '--with-nspr-prefix', and '--with-nspr-exec-prefix' flags for using an installed NSPR. Default to --disable-jemalloc, assuming we don't have that part of the tree available; have the top-level configure script pass --enable-jemalloc as needed. Since we no longer have an export phase to copy header files into dist/include/js before we build the library, we need to be able to find nanojit.h in the nanojit directory; fix references in jsbuiltins.h and jstracer.cpp. Give SpiderMonkey it its own copies of many of the files from ./config and ./build. These are all exact copies, except as follows: . js/src/config/ js/src only has a subset of js/src/config, and thus a subset of the makefile targets. . js/src/config/ js/src/ has its own make variables to set, not set by the top-level configure script, so it needs a custom template. . js/src/config/ a copy from nsprpub/config, so that we can build without having an NSPR source tree handy. Invoke js/src/configure from ./configure, passing the values computed for NSPR_CFLAGS and NSPR_LIBS by the top-level configure script. Treat js/src as a static directory of the js tier, and create a new config/js (just a Makefile) to be the js tier's non-static directory. Let js/src/configure generate SpiderMonkey's makefiles, not ./configure. Generate a 'js-config' script, which clients can call to find the CFLAGS and LIBS values necessary to compile and link against an installed SpiderMonkey library. Don't include the js-config script in Macintosh packages. Teach how to rebuild js/src/configure. Tell Mercurial to ignore files generated by autoconf in js/src. Further work: . Right now, callers must define JS_THREADSAFE when #including jsapi.h. This is fixed in a subsequent patch. . js/src/configure is a trimmed copy of ./configure. It could be trimmed more.

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#include "adreader.h"

#include <stdio.h>
#include <string.h>

    : mEntryCount(0)
    mEntries.mNext = static_cast<EntryBlock*>(&mEntries);
    mEntries.mPrev = static_cast<EntryBlock*>(&mEntries);

    for (const_iterator entry = begin(), entry_end = end();
         entry != entry_end; ++entry) {
        free((void*) (*entry)->type);
        free((char*) (*entry)->data);
        free((char*) (*entry)->allocation_stack);

    for (EntryBlock *b = mEntries.mNext, *next; b != &mEntries; b = next) {
        next = b->mNext;
        delete b;

ADLog::Read(const char* aFileName)
    FILE *in = fopen(aFileName, "r");
    if (!in) {
        return false;

    while (!feof(in)) {
        unsigned int ptr;
        char typebuf[256];
        int datasize;
        int res = fscanf(in, "%x %s (%d)\n", &ptr, typebuf, &datasize);
        if (res == EOF)
        if (res != 3) {
            return false;

        size_t data_mem_size = ((datasize + sizeof(unsigned long) - 1) /
                               sizeof(unsigned long)) * sizeof(unsigned long);
        char *data = (char*)malloc(data_mem_size);

        for (unsigned long *cur_data = (unsigned long*) data,
                       *cur_data_end = (unsigned long*) ((char*)data + data_mem_size);
             cur_data != cur_data_end; ++cur_data) {
            res = fscanf(in, " %lX\n", cur_data);
            if (res != 1) {
                return false;

        char stackbuf[100000];
        stackbuf[0] = '\0';

        char *stack = stackbuf;
        int len;
        do {
            fgets(stack, sizeof(stackbuf) - (stack - stackbuf), in);
            len = strlen(stack);
            stack += len;
        } while (len > 1);

        if (mEntryCount % ADLOG_ENTRY_BLOCK_SIZE == 0) {
            EntryBlock *new_block = new EntryBlock();
            new_block->mNext = static_cast<EntryBlock*>(&mEntries);
            new_block->mPrev = mEntries.mPrev;
            mEntries.mPrev->mNext = new_block;
            mEntries.mPrev = new_block;

        size_t typelen = strlen(typebuf);
        char *type = (char*)malloc(typelen-1);
        strncpy(type, typebuf+1, typelen-2);
        type[typelen-2] = '\0';

        Entry *entry =
            &mEntries.mPrev->entries[mEntryCount % ADLOG_ENTRY_BLOCK_SIZE];
        entry->address = (Pointer)ptr;
        entry->type = type;
        entry->datasize = datasize;
        entry->data = data;
        entry->allocation_stack = strdup(stackbuf);


    return true;

ADLog::const_iterator::const_iterator(ADLog::EntryBlock *aBlock,
                                      size_t aOffset)
    mCur = mBlockStart + aOffset;

    if (mCur == mBlockEnd) {
        mCur = mBlockStart;

    return *this;

    if (mCur == mBlockStart) {
        mCur = mBlockEnd;

    return *this;