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Bug 1422415 - Part 2: Call _sprintf_l with C-locale to ensure result doesn't contain locale-dependent decimal separator. r=Waldo

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#ifndef __nsClipboardWayland_h_
#define __nsClipboardWayland_h_

#include "nsIClipboard.h"
#include <gtk/gtk.h>
#include <gdk/gdkwayland.h>
#include <nsTArray.h>

class nsRetrievalContextWayland : public nsRetrievalContext

    virtual const char* GetClipboardData(const char* aMimeType,
                                         int32_t aWhichClipboard,
                                         uint32_t* aContentLength) override;
    virtual void ReleaseClipboardData(const char* aClipboardData) override;

    virtual GdkAtom* GetTargets(int32_t aWhichClipboard,
                                int* aTargetNum) override;

    void SetDataOffer(wl_data_offer *aDataOffer);
    void AddMIMEType(const char *aMimeType);
    void ResetMIMETypeList(void);
    void ConfigureKeyboard(wl_seat_capability caps);

    void InitDataDeviceManager(wl_registry *registry, uint32_t id, uint32_t version);
    void InitSeat(wl_registry *registry, uint32_t id, uint32_t version, void *data);
    virtual ~nsRetrievalContextWayland() override;

    bool                        mInitialized;
    wl_display                 *mDisplay;
    wl_seat                    *mSeat;
    wl_data_device_manager     *mDataDeviceManager;
    wl_data_offer              *mDataOffer;
    wl_keyboard                *mKeyboard;
    nsTArray<GdkAtom>           mTargetMIMETypes;
    gchar                      *mTextPlainLocale;

#endif /* __nsClipboardWayland_h_ */