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Bug 740306 - Back button does not dismiss the keyboard in awesomebar. r=mfinkle

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import os, sys

from ipdl.ast import Visitor
from ipdl.ast import IN, OUT, INOUT, ASYNC, SYNC, RPC

class CodePrinter:
    def __init__(self, outf=sys.stdout, indentCols=4):
        self.outf = outf
        self.col = 0
        self.indentCols = indentCols

    def write(self, str):

    def printdent(self, str=''):
        self.write((' '* self.col) + str)

    def println(self, str=''):
        self.write(str +'\n')

    def printdentln(self, str):
        self.write((' '* self.col) + str +'\n')

    def indent(self):  self.col += self.indentCols
    def dedent(self):  self.col -= self.indentCols

class IPDLCodeGen(CodePrinter, Visitor):
    '''Spits back out equivalent IPDL to the code that generated this.
Also known as pretty-printing.'''

    def __init__(self, outf=sys.stdout, indentCols=4, printed=set()):
        CodePrinter.__init__(self, outf, indentCols)
        self.printed = printed

    def visitTranslationUnit(self, tu):
        self.println('//\n// Automatically generated by ipdlc\n//')
        CodeGen.visitTranslationUnit(self, tu)

    def visitCxxInclude(self, inc):
        self.println('include "'+ inc.file +'";')

    def visitProtocolInclude(self, inc):
        self.println('include protocol "'+ inc.file +'";')
        if inc.tu.filename not in self.printed:
            self.println('/* Included file:')
            IPDLCodeGen(outf=self.outf, indentCols=self.indentCols,

    def visitProtocol(self, p):
        for namespace in p.namespaces:  namespace.accept(self)

        self.println('%s protocol %s\n{'% (p.sendSemantics[0], p.name))

        for mgs in p.managesStmts:
        if len(p.managesStmts):  self.println()

        for msgDecl in p.messageDecls:  msgDecl.accept(self)

        for transStmt in p.transitionStmts:  transStmt.accept(self)

        self.write('}\n'* len(p.namespaces))

    def visitManagerStmt(self, mgr):
        self.printdentln('manager '+ mgr.name +';')

    def visitManagesStmt(self, mgs):
        self.printdentln('manages '+ mgs.name +';')

    def visitMessageDecl(self, msg):
        self.printdent('%s %s %s('% (msg.sendSemantics[0], msg.direction[0], msg.name))
        for i, inp in enumerate(msg.inParams):
            if i != (len(msg.inParams) - 1):  self.write(', ')
        if 0 == len(msg.outParams):

        self.printdent('returns (')
        for i, outp in enumerate(msg.outParams):
            if i != (len(msg.outParams) - 1):  self.write(', ')