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Bug 1674637 - Use nested namespaces in dom/ r=sg,andi Also add some missing namespace qualifications Done with: ./mach static-analysis check --checks="-*,modernize-concat-nested-namespaces" --fix dom/ ./mach clang-format -p $(hg status dom/|grep ^M|awk '{print $2}') Differential Revision:

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#include "MediaTrack.h"
#include "AudioTrack.h"
#include "MediaTrackList.h"
#include "VideoTrack.h"

namespace mozilla::dom {

MediaTrack::MediaTrack(nsIGlobalObject* aOwnerGlobal, const nsAString& aId,
                       const nsAString& aKind, const nsAString& aLabel,
                       const nsAString& aLanguage)
    : DOMEventTargetHelper(aOwnerGlobal),
      mLanguage(aLanguage) {}

MediaTrack::~MediaTrack() = default;

NS_IMPL_CYCLE_COLLECTION_INHERITED(dom::MediaTrack, DOMEventTargetHelper, mList)

NS_IMPL_ADDREF_INHERITED(dom::MediaTrack, DOMEventTargetHelper)
NS_IMPL_RELEASE_INHERITED(dom::MediaTrack, DOMEventTargetHelper)

void MediaTrack::SetTrackList(MediaTrackList* aList) { mList = aList; }

}  // namespace mozilla::dom