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Fix for bug 376753 - Allow QueryInterface to IA2 witout crashing, patches=aaronlev, me, r=me, aaronlev

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#ifndef libmalloc_h___
#define libmalloc_h___

#include <sys/types.h>
#include <malloc.h>

#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {

#include "config.h"

typedef unsigned long u_long;

// Format of a malloc log entry. This is what's written out to the
// "malloc-log" file.
struct malloc_log_entry {
  u_long type;
  u_long address;
  u_long size;
  u_long oldaddress;
  u_long numpcs;
  char* pcs[MAX_STACK_CRAWL];

// type's
#define malloc_log_malloc  0
#define malloc_log_realloc 1
#define malloc_log_free    2
#define malloc_log_new     3
#define malloc_log_delete  4
#define malloc_log_addref  5
#define malloc_log_release 6

// Format of a malloc map entry; after this struct is nameLen+1 bytes of
// name data.
struct malloc_map_entry {
  u_long nameLen;
  u_long address;		// base address

// A method that can be called if you want to programmatically control
// the malloc logging. Note that you must link with the library to do
// this (or use dlsym after dynamically loading the library...)
extern u_long SetMallocFlags(u_long flags);

// The environment variable LIBMALLOC_LOG should be set to an integer
// value whose meaning is as follows:

// Enable logging
#define LIBMALLOC_LOG    0x1

// Don't free memory when set

// Check heap for corruption after every malloc/free/realloc
#define LIBMALLOC_CHECK  0x4

// Log reference count calls (addref/release)
#define LIBMALLOC_LOG_RC 0x8

void __log_addref(void* p, int oldrc, int newrc);
void __log_release(void* p, int oldrc, int newrc);

#ifdef __cplusplus
}; /* end of extern "C" */

#endif /* libmalloc_h___ */