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#ifndef mozilla_dom_indexeddb_idbobjectstore_h__
#define mozilla_dom_indexeddb_idbobjectstore_h__

#include "mozilla/dom/indexedDB/IndexedDatabase.h"

#include "nsIIDBObjectStore.h"
#include "nsIIDBTransaction.h"

#include "nsCycleCollectionParticipant.h"

#include "mozilla/dom/indexedDB/IDBTransaction.h"

class nsIScriptContext;
class nsPIDOMWindow;


class AsyncConnectionHelper;
class Key;

struct ObjectStoreInfo;
struct IndexInfo;
struct IndexUpdateInfo;
struct StructuredCloneReadInfo;
struct StructuredCloneWriteInfo;

class IDBObjectStore MOZ_FINAL : public nsIIDBObjectStore


  static already_AddRefed<IDBObjectStore>
  Create(IDBTransaction* aTransaction,
         ObjectStoreInfo* aInfo,
         nsIAtom* aDatabaseId);

  static bool
  IsValidKeyPath(JSContext* aCx, const nsAString& aKeyPath);

  static nsresult
  AppendIndexUpdateInfo(PRInt64 aIndexID,
                        const nsAString& aKeyPath,
                        const nsTArray<nsString>& aKeyPathArray,
                        bool aUnique,
                        bool aMultiEntry,
                        JSContext* aCx,
                        jsval aObject,
                        nsTArray<IndexUpdateInfo>& aUpdateInfoArray);

  static nsresult
  UpdateIndexes(IDBTransaction* aTransaction,
                PRInt64 aObjectStoreId,
                const Key& aObjectStoreKey,
                bool aOverwrite,
                PRInt64 aObjectDataId,
                const nsTArray<IndexUpdateInfo>& aUpdateInfoArray);

  static nsresult
  GetStructuredCloneReadInfoFromStatement(mozIStorageStatement* aStatement,
                                          PRUint32 aDataIndex,
                                          PRUint32 aFileIdsIndex,
                                          FileManager* aFileManager,
                                          StructuredCloneReadInfo& aInfo);

  static void
  ClearStructuredCloneBuffer(JSAutoStructuredCloneBuffer& aBuffer);

  static bool
  DeserializeValue(JSContext* aCx,
                   StructuredCloneReadInfo& aCloneReadInfo,
                   jsval* aValue);

  static bool
  SerializeValue(JSContext* aCx,
                 StructuredCloneWriteInfo& aCloneWriteInfo,
                 jsval aValue);

  static JSObject*
  StructuredCloneReadCallback(JSContext* aCx,
                              JSStructuredCloneReader* aReader,
                              uint32_t aTag,
                              uint32_t aData,
                              void* aClosure);
  static JSBool
  StructuredCloneWriteCallback(JSContext* aCx,
                               JSStructuredCloneWriter* aWriter,
                               JSObject* aObj,
                               void* aClosure);

  static nsresult
  ConvertFileIdsToArray(const nsAString& aFileIds,
                        nsTArray<PRInt64>& aResult);

  const nsString& Name() const
    return mName;

  bool IsAutoIncrement() const
    return mAutoIncrement;

  bool IsWriteAllowed() const
    return mTransaction->IsWriteAllowed();

  PRInt64 Id() const
    NS_ASSERTION(mId != LL_MININT, "Don't ask for this yet!");
    return mId;

  const nsString& KeyPath() const
    return mKeyPath;

  const bool HasKeyPath() const
    return !mKeyPath.IsVoid() || !mKeyPathArray.IsEmpty();

  bool UsesKeyPathArray() const
    return !mKeyPathArray.IsEmpty();
  const nsTArray<nsString>& KeyPathArray() const
    return mKeyPathArray;

  IDBTransaction* Transaction()
    return mTransaction;

  ObjectStoreInfo* Info()
    return mInfo;


  nsresult GetAddInfo(JSContext* aCx,
                      jsval aValue,
                      jsval aKeyVal,
                      StructuredCloneWriteInfo& aCloneWriteInfo,
                      Key& aKey,
                      nsTArray<IndexUpdateInfo>& aUpdateInfoArray);

  nsresult AddOrPut(const jsval& aValue,
                    const jsval& aKey,
                    JSContext* aCx,
                    PRUint8 aOptionalArgCount,
                    nsIIDBRequest** _retval,
                    bool aOverwrite);

  nsRefPtr<IDBTransaction> mTransaction;

  PRInt64 mId;
  nsString mName;
  nsString mKeyPath;
  nsTArray<nsString> mKeyPathArray;
  bool mAutoIncrement;
  nsCOMPtr<nsIAtom> mDatabaseId;
  nsRefPtr<ObjectStoreInfo> mInfo;
  PRUint32 mStructuredCloneVersion;

  nsTArray<nsRefPtr<IDBIndex> > mCreatedIndexes;


#endif // mozilla_dom_indexeddb_idbobjectstore_h__