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Bug 1249263 - add a `removeByFilter` method to filter by host and time,r=mak Added a method in History to filter by host and timeframe, which is designed to act as a replacement for `RemovePagesByTimeFrame` and `RemovePagesFromHost` in the old API. The `filter` object accepts both a host argument, as well as a timeframe, and filters as per one or both of them. This also moves certain code (the method `validatePageInfo` and methods it uses) from History to PlacesUtils such that we can use it for testing as well, and modifies the method to take another parameter which decides whether the visits inside the pageInfo need to be validated as well (since the pageInfo returned from History.jsm::`remove` and History.jsm::`removeByFilter` do not pass a visits array in their callback functions. Shifts `ensureDate` and `isValidTransitionType`(now renamed to `isValidTransition`) inside the history object. MozReview-Commit-ID: EQAHmjf7131

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