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Bug 595513 - Reduce makefile recursion in toolkit. r=khuey

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#include "nsISupports.idl"

interface nsIVariant;

[scriptable, uuid(61A5BE65-FAF2-4FD1-96DF-B13A7AD7D88D)]
interface nsIJetpack : nsISupports
  void sendMessage(in AString aMessageName
                   /* [optional] in jsval v1,
                      [optional] in jsval v2,
                      ... */);

  void registerReceiver(in AString aMessageName,
                        in jsval aReceiver);
  void unregisterReceiver(in AString aMessageName,
                          in jsval aReceiver);
  void unregisterReceivers(in AString aMessageName);

  void evalScript(in AString aScript);

  nsIVariant createHandle();

  void destroy();