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Bug 731271 - Part 6: Add a chrome-only CSSDeclaration.getAuthoredPropertyValue() method to expose a property value in its original syntactic form. r=dbaron

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interface CSSRule;

interface CSSStyleDeclaration {
  attribute DOMString cssText;

  readonly attribute unsigned long length;
  getter DOMString item(unsigned long index);

  DOMString getPropertyValue(DOMString property);
  // Mozilla extension, sort of
  CSSValue? getPropertyCSSValue(DOMString property);
  DOMString getPropertyPriority(DOMString property);
  void setProperty(DOMString property, DOMString value, [TreatNullAs=EmptyString] optional DOMString priority = "");
  DOMString removeProperty(DOMString property);

  readonly attribute CSSRule? parentRule;

// Mozilla extensions
partial interface CSSStyleDeclaration {
  DOMString getAuthoredPropertyValue(DOMString property);