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Bug 1529726 [wpt PR 15414] - HTML: window.length and named access, a=testonly Automatic update from web-platform-tests HTML: window.length and named access For -- wpt-commits: 3a43f99a56a4c016e3f1cda41330f1a2c0e780ff wpt-pr: 15414

The content of this directory is partially sourced from the fluent.js project.

The following files are affected:
 - Fluent.jsm
 - Localization.jsm
 - DOMLocalization.jsm

At the moment, the tool used to produce those files in fluent.js repository, doesn't
fully align with how the code is structured here, so we perform a manual adjustments
mostly around header and footer.

The result difference is stored in `./fluent.js.patch` file which can be used to
approximate the changes needed to be applied on the output of the 
fluent.js/fluent-gecko's make.

In b.m.o. bug 1434434 we will try to reduce this difference to zero.