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Bug 742115 - Make the java panning constants preffable; original patch stolen from :joe. r=Cwiiis

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include protocol PContent;

using mozilla::null_t;

namespace mozilla {
namespace dom {

struct ItemData
  nsString value;
  bool secure;

// A cross-process GetValue result -- either null, or containing the parameters
// with which to initialize an nsIDOMStorageItem.
union StorageItem

// This protocol is little more than a thin wrapper around the DOMStorageBase
// class in nsDOMStorage.h.  The child implementation simply forwards the
// arguments for any given call to the parent, and returns the result.
sync protocol PStorage
  manager PContent;


  Init(bool useDB, bool canUseChromePersist, bool sessionOnly, nsCString domain,
       nsCString scopeDBKey, nsCString quotaDomainDBKey,
       nsCString quotaETLDplus1DomainDBKey, PRUint32 storageType);
  sync GetKeys(bool callerSecure)
      returns (nsString[] keys);
  sync GetLength(bool callerSecure, bool sessionOnly)
      returns (PRUint32 length, nsresult rv);
  sync GetKey(bool callerSecure, bool sessionOnly, PRUint32 index)
      returns (nsString key, nsresult rv);
  sync GetValue(bool callerSecure, bool sessionOnly, nsString key)
      returns (StorageItem item, nsresult rv);
  sync SetValue(bool callerSecure, bool sessionOnly, nsString key, nsString data)
      returns (nsString oldValue, nsresult rv);
  sync RemoveValue(bool callerSecure, bool sessionOnly, nsString key)
      returns (nsString oldValue, nsresult rv);
  sync Clear(bool callerSecure, bool sessionOnly)
      returns (PRInt32 oldCount, nsresult rv);

  sync GetDBValue(nsString key)
      returns (nsString value, bool secure, nsresult rv);
  sync SetDBValue(nsString key, nsString value, bool secure)
      returns (nsresult rv);
  sync SetSecure(nsString key, bool secure)
      returns (nsresult rv);