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#include "nsISupports.idl"

interface nsISimpleEnumerator;

 * The nsIFontList interface provides an application the  
 * necessary information so that the user can select the font to use 
 * as the default style sheet. This is used if the style sheet is 
 * missing or does not specify a font.
 * <P>Font lists are specified per language group.

[scriptable, uuid(702909c6-1dd2-11b2-b833-8a740f643539)]
interface nsIFontList : nsISupports
   * Get the list of available fonts for a language group
   * and for use as the given CSS generic font.
   * @param aLangGroup limits the fonts to fonts in a language 
   *          group; eg: x-western (American/Western European), 
   *          ar (Arabic), el (Greek), he (Hebrew), ja (Japanese),
   *          ko (Korean), th (Thai), tr (Turkish),
   *          x-baltic (Baltic), x-central-euro (Eastern European),
   *          x-cyrillic (Russian), zh-CN (China), zh-TW (Taiwan)
   * @param aFontType limits the fonts to the fonts with this CSS 
   *          generic font type; eg: serif, sans-serif, cursive,
   *          fantasy, monospace.
   * @return a simple enumerator of the available fonts for a 
   *          language group / generic type.  These strings are
   *          the text supplied by the operating system's font 
   *          system.
  nsISimpleEnumerator availableFonts(in wstring aLangGroup, 
                                     in wstring aFontType);