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#ifndef AudioSinkWrapper_h_
#define AudioSinkWrapper_h_

#include "mozilla/AbstractThread.h"
#include "mozilla/RefPtr.h"
#include "mozilla/TimeStamp.h"
#include "mozilla/UniquePtr.h"

#include "MediaSink.h"

namespace mozilla {
class MediaData;
template <class T> class MediaQueue;

namespace media {

class AudioSink;

 * A wrapper around AudioSink to provide the interface of MediaSink.
class AudioSinkWrapper : public MediaSink {
  // An AudioSink factory.
  class Creator {
    virtual ~Creator() {}
    virtual AudioSink* Create() = 0;

  // Wrap around a function object which creates AudioSinks.
  template <typename Function>
  class CreatorImpl : public Creator {
    explicit CreatorImpl(const Function& aFunc) : mFunction(aFunc) {}
    AudioSink* Create() override { return mFunction(); }
    Function mFunction;

  template <typename Function>
  AudioSinkWrapper(AbstractThread* aOwnerThread, const Function& aFunc)
    : mOwnerThread(aOwnerThread)
    , mCreator(new CreatorImpl<Function>(aFunc))
    , mIsStarted(false)
    // Give an invalid value to facilitate debug if used before playback starts.
    , mPlayDuration(TimeUnit::Invalid())
    , mAudioEnded(true)

  const PlaybackParams& GetPlaybackParams() const override;
  void SetPlaybackParams(const PlaybackParams& aParams) override;

  RefPtr<GenericPromise> OnEnded(TrackType aType) override;
  TimeUnit GetEndTime(TrackType aType) const override;
  TimeUnit GetPosition(TimeStamp* aTimeStamp = nullptr) const override;
  bool HasUnplayedFrames(TrackType aType) const override;

  void SetVolume(double aVolume) override;
  void SetPlaybackRate(double aPlaybackRate) override;
  void SetPreservesPitch(bool aPreservesPitch) override;
  void SetPlaying(bool aPlaying) override;

  void Start(const TimeUnit& aStartTime, const MediaInfo& aInfo) override;
  void Stop() override;
  bool IsStarted() const override;
  bool IsPlaying() const override;

  void Shutdown() override;

  nsCString GetDebugInfo() override;

  virtual ~AudioSinkWrapper();

  void AssertOwnerThread() const {

  TimeUnit GetVideoPosition(TimeStamp aNow) const;

  void OnAudioEnded();

  const RefPtr<AbstractThread> mOwnerThread;
  UniquePtr<Creator> mCreator;
  UniquePtr<AudioSink> mAudioSink;
  RefPtr<GenericPromise> mEndPromise;

  bool mIsStarted;
  PlaybackParams mParams;

  TimeStamp mPlayStartTime;
  TimeUnit mPlayDuration;

  bool mAudioEnded;
  MozPromiseRequestHolder<GenericPromise> mAudioSinkPromise;

} // namespace media
} // namespace mozilla

#endif //AudioSinkWrapper_h_