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#include "mozilla/Maybe.h"
#include "mozilla/Result.h"
#include "nsAutoPtr.h"
#include "MediaDecoder.h" // For MetadataTags
#include "MediaInfo.h"
#include "MediaResource.h"

namespace mozilla

#define FLAC_MAX_CHANNELS           8
#define FLAC_MIN_BLOCKSIZE         16
#define FLAC_MAX_BLOCKSIZE      65535
#define FLAC_MIN_FRAME_SIZE        11

class OpusParser;

// Decode a Flac Metadata block contained in either a ogg packet
// ( or in flac container
// (

class FlacFrameParser

  Result<bool, nsresult> IsHeaderBlock(const uint8_t* aPacket, size_t aLength) const;
  // Return the length of the block header (METADATA_BLOCK_HEADER+
  // METADATA_BLOCK_DATA), aPacket must point to at least 4
  // bytes and to a valid block header start (as determined by IsHeaderBlock).
  uint32_t HeaderBlockLength(const uint8_t* aPacket) const;
  Result<Ok, nsresult> DecodeHeaderBlock(const uint8_t* aPacket, size_t aLength);
  bool HasFullMetadata() const { return mFullMetadata; }
  // Return the duration in frames found in the block. -1 if error
  // such as invalid packet.
  int64_t BlockDuration(const uint8_t* aPacket, size_t aLength) const;

  // Return a hash table with tag metadata.
  MetadataTags* GetTags() const;

  AudioInfo mInfo;

  bool ReconstructFlacGranulepos(void);
  Maybe<uint32_t> mNumHeaders;
  uint32_t mMinBlockSize;
  uint32_t mMaxBlockSize;
  uint32_t mMinFrameSize;
  uint32_t mMaxFrameSize;
  uint64_t mNumFrames;
  bool mFullMetadata;
  uint32_t mPacketCount;

  // Used to decode the vorbis comment metadata.
  nsAutoPtr<OpusParser> mParser;