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#if !defined(AutoplayPolicy_h_)
#define AutoplayPolicy_h_

#include "mozilla/NotNull.h"

class nsIDocument;

namespace mozilla {

class AutoplayPermissionManager;

namespace dom {

class HTMLMediaElement;
class AudioContext;

 * AutoplayPolicy is used to manage autoplay logic for all kinds of media,
 * including MediaElement, Web Audio and Web Speech.
 * Autoplay could be disable by setting the pref "media.autoplay.default"
 * to anything but nsIAutoplay::Allowed. Once user disables autoplay, media
 * could only be played if one of following conditions is true.
 * 1) Owner document is activated by user gestures
 *    We restrict user gestures to "mouse click", "keyboard press" and "touch".
 * 2) Muted media content or video without audio content.
 * 3) Document's origin has the "autoplay-media" permission.
class AutoplayPolicy
  // Returns whether a given media element is allowed to play.
  static bool IsAllowedToPlay(const HTMLMediaElement& aElement);

  // Returns whether a given AudioContext is allowed to play.
  static bool IsAllowedToPlay(const AudioContext& aContext);

  // Returns true if a given media element would be allowed to play
  // if block autoplay was enabled. If this returns false, it means we would
  // either block or ask for permission.
  // Note: this is for telemetry purposes, and doesn't check the prefs
  // which enable/disable block autoplay. Do not use for blocking logic!
  static bool WouldBeAllowedToPlayIfAutoplayDisabled(const HTMLMediaElement& aElement);

  // Returns the AutoplayPermissionManager that a given document must request on
  // for autoplay permission.
  static already_AddRefed<AutoplayPermissionManager> RequestFor(
    const nsIDocument& aDocument);

} // namespace dom
} // namespace mozilla