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Bug 1424922 - Prevent calling PDFiumParent::Close twice. r=dvander We call PDFiumParent::Close twice under certain conditions. Once in PDFiumProcessParent::Delete, and once in PDFiumProcessParent's dtor. So we may hit MOZ_ABORT which tell us that we are trying to close a closed channel. This patch prevents hitting this abort by: 1. Only close the channel in PDFiumProcessParent::Delete, remove another call in PDFiumProcessParent's dtor. (Please see the change in PDFiumProcessParent.cpp). 2. Remove PDFiumParent::AbortConversion and relative code. We can just use PDFiumParent::EndConversion instead. When calling PDFiumParent::Close, we actually close the IPC channel *synchronously*, which means there is no need to register a callback by PDFiumParent::AbortConversion to receive actor-destroy callback. MozReview-Commit-ID: 9i5j6t54J3h