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Bug 1546138 - Baldr: rename TableKind::TypedFunction to AsmJS (r=lth) Differential Revision: https://phabricator.services.mozilla.com/D29299

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#ifndef wasm_table_h
#define wasm_table_h

#include "gc/Policy.h"
#include "wasm/WasmCode.h"

namespace js {
namespace wasm {

// A Table is an indexable array of opaque values. Tables are first-class
// stateful objects exposed to WebAssembly. asm.js also uses Tables to represent
// its homogeneous function-pointer tables.
// A table of FuncRef holds FunctionTableElems, which are (instance*,index)
// pairs, where the instance must be traced.
// A table of AnyRef holds JSObject pointers, which must be traced.

// TODO/AnyRef-boxing: With boxed immediates and strings, JSObject* is no longer
// the most appropriate representation for Cell::anyref.

typedef GCVector<HeapPtr<JSObject*>, 0, SystemAllocPolicy> TableAnyRefVector;

class Table : public ShareableBase<Table> {
  using InstanceSet = JS::WeakCache<GCHashSet<
      MovableCellHasher<WeakHeapPtrWasmInstanceObject>, SystemAllocPolicy>>;
  using UniqueFuncRefArray = UniquePtr<FunctionTableElem[], JS::FreePolicy>;

  WeakHeapPtrWasmTableObject maybeObject_;
  InstanceSet observers_;
  UniqueFuncRefArray functions_;  // either functions_ has data
  TableAnyRefVector objects_;     //   or objects_, but not both
  const TableKind kind_;
  uint32_t length_;
  const Maybe<uint32_t> maximum_;

  template <class>
  friend struct js::MallocProvider;
  Table(JSContext* cx, const TableDesc& td, HandleWasmTableObject maybeObject,
        UniqueFuncRefArray functions);
  Table(JSContext* cx, const TableDesc& td, HandleWasmTableObject maybeObject,
        TableAnyRefVector&& objects);

  void tracePrivate(JSTracer* trc);
  friend class js::WasmTableObject;

  static RefPtr<Table> create(JSContext* cx, const TableDesc& desc,
                              HandleWasmTableObject maybeObject);
  void trace(JSTracer* trc);

  TableKind kind() const { return kind_; }
  bool isFunction() const {
    return kind_ == TableKind::FuncRef || kind_ == TableKind::AsmJS;
  uint32_t length() const { return length_; }
  Maybe<uint32_t> maximum() const { return maximum_; }

  // Only for function values.  Raw pointer to the table.
  uint8_t* functionBase() const;

  // get/setFuncRef is allowed only on table-of-funcref.
  // get/setAnyRef is allowed only on table-of-anyref.
  // setNull is allowed on either.
  const FunctionTableElem& getFuncRef(uint32_t index) const;
  void setFuncRef(uint32_t index, void* code, const Instance* instance);

  AnyRef getAnyRef(uint32_t index) const;
  const void* getShortlivedAnyRefLocForCompiledCode(uint32_t index) const;
  void setAnyRef(uint32_t index, AnyRef);

  void setNull(uint32_t index);

  // Copy entry from |srcTable| at |srcIndex| to this table at |dstIndex|.
  // Used by table.copy.
  void copy(const Table& srcTable, uint32_t dstIndex, uint32_t srcIndex);

  // grow() returns (uint32_t)-1 if it could not grow.
  uint32_t grow(uint32_t delta, JSContext* cx);
  bool movingGrowable() const;
  bool addMovingGrowObserver(JSContext* cx, WasmInstanceObject* instance);

  // about:memory reporting:

  size_t sizeOfExcludingThis(MallocSizeOf mallocSizeOf) const;

typedef RefPtr<Table> SharedTable;
typedef Vector<SharedTable, 0, SystemAllocPolicy> SharedTableVector;

}  // namespace wasm
}  // namespace js

#endif  // wasm_table_h