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Bug 488649: Unify document.body.{bgColor,text,link,vLink,aLink} with the <body> attributes of the same names. Do not default to prescontext/CSS for these. Remove the unsafe function NS_RGBToHex().

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#include "nsISupports.idl"

interface nsIUTF8StringEnumerator;
interface nsIURI;

/* nsIGnomeVFSMimeApp holds information about an application that is looked up
   with nsIGnomeVFSService::GetAppForMimeType. */

[scriptable, uuid(66009894-9877-405b-9321-bf30420e34e6)]
interface nsIGnomeVFSMimeApp : nsISupports
  const long EXPECTS_URIS  = 0;
  const long EXPECTS_PATHS = 1;
  const long EXPECTS_URIS_FOR_NON_FILES = 2;

  readonly attribute AUTF8String         id;
  readonly attribute AUTF8String         name;
  readonly attribute AUTF8String         command;
  readonly attribute boolean             canOpenMultipleFiles;
  readonly attribute long                expectsURIs;  // see constants above
  readonly attribute nsIUTF8StringEnumerator supportedURISchemes;
  readonly attribute boolean             requiresTerminal;

  void launch(in AUTF8String uri);

 * The VFS service makes use of two distinct registries.
 * The application registry holds information about applications (uniquely
 * identified by id), such as which MIME types and URI schemes they are
 * capable of handling, whether they run in a terminal, etc.
 * The MIME registry holds information about MIME types, such as which
 * extensions map to a given MIME type.  The MIME registry also stores the
 * id of the application selected to handle each MIME type.

[scriptable, uuid(dea20bf0-4e4d-48c5-b932-dc3e116dc64b)]
interface nsIGnomeVFSService : nsISupports
  /*** Application registry methods ***/

  /* string keys */
  const long APP_KEY_COMMAND = 0;
  const long APP_KEY_NAME = 1;
  const long APP_KEY_SUPPORTED_URI_SCHEMES = 2;  /* comma-separated list */
  const long APP_KEY_EXPECTS_URIS = 3; /* "true", "false", or "non-file" */

  /* Set one of the above string keys for the given application id.
     'id' can be an arbitrary, unique string to identify the application. */
  void               setAppStringKey(in AUTF8String id,
                                     in long        key,  /* see enums above */
                                     in AUTF8String value);

  /* boolean keys */
  const long APP_KEY_CAN_OPEN_MULTIPLE = 4;

  /* Set one of the above boolean keys for the given application id.
     'id' can be an arbitrary, unique string to identify the application. */
  void               setAppBoolKey(in AUTF8String id,
                                   in long        key,
                                   in boolean     value);

  /* Add a MIME type to the list of types that the application can handle */
  void               addMimeType(in AUTF8String id,
                                 in AUTF8String mimeType);

  /* Commit application registry changes to disk.  This must be called
     to save changes. */
  void               syncAppRegistry();

  /*** MIME registry methods ***/

  /* Obtain the MIME type registered for an extension.  The extension
     should not include a leading dot. */
  AUTF8String        getMimeTypeFromExtension(in AUTF8String extension);

  /* Obtain the preferred application for opening a given MIME type */
  nsIGnomeVFSMimeApp getAppForMimeType(in AUTF8String mimeType);

  /* Set the preferred application for opening a given MIME type */
  void               setAppForMimeType(in AUTF8String mimeType,
                                       in AUTF8String id);

  /* Obtain a description for the given MIME type */
  AUTF8String        getDescriptionForMimeType(in AUTF8String mimeType);

  /* Set the icon for a MIME type, which will be searched for by the shell
     using the icon theme search path. */
  void               setIconForMimeType(in AUTF8String mimeType,
                                        in AUTF8String iconPath);

   * Set the list of extensions for a given MIME type.
   * Should be passed a space separated list of extensions with no
   * dot, i.e. "gif jpg png".
  void setMimeExtensions(in AUTF8String mimeType,
                         in AUTF8String extensionsList);

  /*** Misc. methods ***/

  /* Open the given URI in the default application */
  void               showURI(in nsIURI uri);
  [noscript] void    showURIForInput(in ACString uri);

#define NS_GNOMEVFSSERVICE_CONTRACTID "@mozilla.org/gnome-vfs-service;1"