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Bug 1443954 - Part 3: Add support for RefCounted types to IPDL, r=bz,froydnj,baku This patch was reviewed in parts, however the intermediate states would not build: Bug 1443954 - Part 3A: Strip pointers from the argument to WriteParam and WriteIPDLParam before selecting the ParamTraits impl, r=froydnj Bug 1443954 - Part 3B: Move nsIAlertNotification serialization to the refcounted system, r=bz Bug 1443954 - Part 3C: Move geolocation serialization to the refcounted system, r=bz Bug 1443954 - Part 3D: Move nsIInputStream serialization to the refcounted system, r=baku Bug 1443954 - Part 3E: Move BlobImpl serialization to the refcounted system, r=baku Bug 1443954 - Part 3F: Correctly implement ParamTraits for actors after the ParamTraits changes, r=froydnj

/* List of defines generated by configure. Included with preprocessor flag,
 * -include, to avoid long list of -D defines on the compile command-line.
 * Do not edit.


#if defined(__clang__)
#pragma clang diagnostic push
#if __has_warning("-Wreserved-id-macro")
#pragma clang diagnostic ignored "-Wreserved-id-macro"

/* Expands to all the defines from configure. */

 * The c99 defining the limit macros (UINT32_MAX for example), says:
 *   C++ implementations should define these macros only when
 *   __STDC_LIMIT_MACROS is defined before <stdint.h> is included.
 * The same also occurs with __STDC_CONSTANT_MACROS for the constant macros
 * (INT8_C for example) used to specify a literal constant of the proper type,
 * and with __STDC_FORMAT_MACROS for the format macros (PRId32 for example) used
 * with the fprintf function family.
#if !defined(__STDC_FORMAT_MACROS)

#if defined(__clang__)
#pragma clang diagnostic pop

 * Force-include hunspell_alloc_hooks.h and hunspell_fopen_hooks.h for hunspell,
 * so that we don't need to modify them directly.
 * HUNSPELL_STATIC is defined in extensions/spellcheck/hunspell/src/,
 * unless --enable-system-hunspell is defined.
#if defined(HUNSPELL_STATIC)
#include "hunspell_alloc_hooks.h"
#include "hunspell_fopen_hooks.h"

 * Force-include sdkdecls.h for building the chromium sandbox code.
 * CHROMIUM_SANDBOX_BUILD is defined in security/sandbox/
 * Note that this include path relies on the LOCAL_INCLUDES in that file.
#if defined(CHROMIUM_SANDBOX_BUILD) && defined(XP_WIN)
#include "base/win/sdkdecls.h"

#ifdef __MINGW32__
 * MinGW doesn't support __try / __except. There are a few mechanisms available
 * to hack around it and pseudo-support it, but these are untested in Firefox.
 * What is tested (and works) is replacing them with if(true) and else.
#define __try if(true)
#define __except(x) else

#endif /* __MINGW32__ */
#endif /* defined(CHROMIUM_SANDBOX_BUILD) && defined(XP_WIN) */

#endif /* MOZILLA_CONFIG_H */