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Bug 803471 - Part 5d - Cange GonkRecorder to use GonkCameraHardware. r=mhabicher

 * Copyright (C) 2009 The Android Open Source Project
 * Copyright (C) 2013 Mozilla Foundation
 * Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
 * you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
 * You may obtain a copy of the License at
 * Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
 * distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
 * See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
 * limitations under the License.


#include "nsISupportsImpl.h"

#include <media/mediarecorder.h>
#include <camera/CameraParameters.h>
#include <utils/String8.h>
#include <system/audio.h>
#include "GonkCameraHwMgr.h"

namespace android {

class GonkCameraSource;
struct MediaSource;
struct MediaWriter;
class MetaData;
struct AudioSource;
class MediaProfiles;
class GonkCameraHardware;

struct GonkRecorder {


    virtual status_t init();
    virtual status_t setAudioSource(audio_source_t as);
    virtual status_t setVideoSource(video_source vs);
    virtual status_t setOutputFormat(output_format of);
    virtual status_t setAudioEncoder(audio_encoder ae);
    virtual status_t setVideoEncoder(video_encoder ve);
    virtual status_t setVideoSize(int width, int height);
    virtual status_t setVideoFrameRate(int frames_per_second);
    virtual status_t setOutputFile(const char *path);
    virtual status_t setOutputFile(int fd, int64_t offset, int64_t length);
    virtual status_t setParameters(const String8& params);
    virtual status_t setCamera(const sp<GonkCameraHardware>& aCameraHw);
    virtual status_t setListener(const sp<IMediaRecorderClient>& listener);
    virtual status_t prepare();
    virtual status_t start();
    virtual status_t pause();
    virtual status_t stop();
    virtual status_t close();
    virtual status_t reset();
    virtual status_t getMaxAmplitude(int *max);
    virtual status_t dump(int fd, const Vector<String16>& args) const;
    // Querying a SurfaceMediaSourcer

    virtual ~GonkRecorder();

    sp<IMediaRecorderClient> mListener;
    sp<MediaWriter> mWriter;
    int mOutputFd;
    sp<AudioSource> mAudioSourceNode;

    audio_source_t mAudioSource;
    video_source mVideoSource;
    output_format mOutputFormat;
    audio_encoder mAudioEncoder;
    video_encoder mVideoEncoder;
    bool mUse64BitFileOffset;
    int32_t mVideoWidth, mVideoHeight;
    int32_t mFrameRate;
    int32_t mVideoBitRate;
    int32_t mAudioBitRate;
    int32_t mAudioChannels;
    int32_t mSampleRate;
    int32_t mInterleaveDurationUs;
    int32_t mIFramesIntervalSec;
    int32_t mCameraId;
    int32_t mVideoEncoderProfile;
    int32_t mVideoEncoderLevel;
    int32_t mMovieTimeScale;
    int32_t mVideoTimeScale;
    int32_t mAudioTimeScale;
    int64_t mMaxFileSizeBytes;
    int64_t mMaxFileDurationUs;
    int64_t mTrackEveryTimeDurationUs;
    int32_t mRotationDegrees;  // Clockwise
    int32_t mLatitudex10000;
    int32_t mLongitudex10000;
    int32_t mStartTimeOffsetMs;

    String8 mParams;

    bool mIsMetaDataStoredInVideoBuffers;
    MediaProfiles *mEncoderProfiles;

    bool mStarted;
    // Needed when GLFrames are encoded.
    // An <ISurfaceTexture> pointer
    // will be sent to the client side using which the
    // frame buffers will be queued and dequeued
    bool mDisableAudio;
    sp<GonkCameraHardware> mCameraHw;

    status_t setupMPEG4Recording(
        int outputFd,
        int32_t videoWidth, int32_t videoHeight,
        int32_t videoBitRate,
        int32_t *totalBitRate,
        sp<MediaWriter> *mediaWriter);
    void setupMPEG4MetaData(int64_t startTimeUs, int32_t totalBitRate,
        sp<MetaData> *meta);
    status_t startMPEG4Recording();
    status_t startAMRRecording();
    status_t startRawAudioRecording();
    status_t startMPEG2TSRecording();
    sp<MediaSource> createAudioSource();
    status_t checkVideoEncoderCapabilities();
    status_t checkAudioEncoderCapabilities();
    // Generic MediaSource set-up. Returns the appropriate
    // source (CameraSource or SurfaceMediaSource)
    // depending on the videosource type
    status_t setupMediaSource(sp<MediaSource> *mediaSource);
    status_t setupCameraSource(sp<GonkCameraSource> *cameraSource);
    // setup the surfacemediasource for the encoder

    status_t setupAudioEncoder(const sp<MediaWriter>& writer);
    status_t setupVideoEncoder(
            sp<MediaSource> cameraSource,
            int32_t videoBitRate,
            sp<MediaSource> *source);

    // Encoding parameter handling utilities
    status_t setParameter(const String8 &key, const String8 &value);
    status_t setParamAudioEncodingBitRate(int32_t bitRate);
    status_t setParamAudioNumberOfChannels(int32_t channles);
    status_t setParamAudioSamplingRate(int32_t sampleRate);
    status_t setParamAudioTimeScale(int32_t timeScale);
    status_t setParamVideoEncodingBitRate(int32_t bitRate);
    status_t setParamVideoIFramesInterval(int32_t seconds);
    status_t setParamVideoEncoderProfile(int32_t profile);
    status_t setParamVideoEncoderLevel(int32_t level);
    status_t setParamVideoCameraId(int32_t cameraId);
    status_t setParamVideoTimeScale(int32_t timeScale);
    status_t setParamVideoRotation(int32_t degrees);
    status_t setParamTrackTimeStatus(int64_t timeDurationUs);
    status_t setParamInterleaveDuration(int32_t durationUs);
    status_t setParam64BitFileOffset(bool use64BitFileOffset);
    status_t setParamMaxFileDurationUs(int64_t timeUs);
    status_t setParamMaxFileSizeBytes(int64_t bytes);
    status_t setParamMovieTimeScale(int32_t timeScale);
    status_t setParamGeoDataLongitude(int64_t longitudex10000);
    status_t setParamGeoDataLatitude(int64_t latitudex10000);
    void clipVideoBitRate();
    void clipVideoFrameRate();
    void clipVideoFrameWidth();
    void clipVideoFrameHeight();
    void clipAudioBitRate();
    void clipAudioSampleRate();
    void clipNumberOfAudioChannels();
    void setDefaultProfileIfNecessary();

    GonkRecorder(const GonkRecorder &);
    GonkRecorder &operator=(const GonkRecorder &);

}  // namespace android

#endif  // GONK_RECORDER_H_