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Tue, 22 Dec 2015 16:54:19 +0100
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Bug 1147673 - Make display items know about their scroll clips. r=tn, r=roc

<!DOCTYPE html>
    <meter vaue=0></meter>
    <!-- Should be green. -->
    <meter min=0 low=0 high=10 optimum=10 max=10 value=10></meter>
    <!-- Should be orange. -->
    <meter min=0 low=9 high=10 optimum=8 max=10 value=10></meter>
    <!-- Should be red. -->
    <meter min=0 low=8 high=9 optimum=0 max=10 value=10></meter>
    <!-- Half-full orange. -->
    <meter min=0 low=3 high=4 optimum=4 max=10 value=5></meter>
    <!-- Half-full orange. -->
    <meter min=0 low=9 high=10 optimum=10 max=10 value=5></meter>
    <!-- Test RTL -->
    <meter dir='rtl' value=0.5></meter>