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Bug 1035543 - Remove the MOZ_PSEUDO_DERECURSE variable. r=gps

.. _environment_variables:

Environment Variables Impacting the Build System

Various environment variables have an impact on the behavior of the
build system. This document attempts to document them.

   If defines, the build system will automatically clobber as needed.
   The default behavior is to print a message and error out when a
   clobber is needed.

   This variable is typically defined in a :ref:`mozconfig <mozconfig>`
   file via ``mk_add_options``.

   If defined, the build system will print information about why
   certain files were rebuilt.

   This feature is disabled by default because it makes the build slower.

   If defined, the terminal footer displayed when building with mach in
   a TTY is disabled.

   If defined, mach commands will not prefix output lines with the
   elapsed time since program start. This option is equivalent to
   passing ``--log-no-times`` to mach.