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Adding the memory/jemalloc directory to hg. See CVS for previous history.

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#include "nsIImage.h"

#include "gfxColor.h"
#include "gfxASurface.h"
#include "gfxImageSurface.h"
#if defined(XP_WIN)
#include "gfxWindowsSurface.h"
#elif defined(XP_MACOSX)
#include "gfxQuartzImageSurface.h"

class nsThebesImage : public nsIImage


    virtual nsresult Init(PRInt32 aWidth, PRInt32 aHeight,
                          PRInt32 aDepth, nsMaskRequirements aMaskRequirements);
    virtual PRInt32 GetBytesPix();
    virtual PRBool GetIsRowOrderTopToBottom();
    virtual PRInt32 GetWidth();
    virtual PRInt32 GetHeight();
    virtual PRUint8 *GetBits();
    virtual PRInt32 GetLineStride();
    virtual PRBool GetHasAlphaMask();
    virtual PRUint8 *GetAlphaBits();
    virtual PRInt32 GetAlphaLineStride();
    virtual PRBool GetIsImageComplete();
    virtual void ImageUpdated(nsIDeviceContext *aContext, PRUint8 aFlags, nsRect *aUpdateRect);
    virtual nsresult Optimize(nsIDeviceContext* aContext);
    virtual nsColorMap *GetColorMap();

    NS_IMETHOD Draw(nsIRenderingContext &aContext,
                    const gfxRect &aSourceRect,
                    const gfxRect &aDestRect);

    nsresult ThebesDrawTile(gfxContext *thebesContext,
                            nsIDeviceContext* dx,
                            const gfxPoint& aOffset,
                            const gfxRect& aTileRect,
                            const PRInt32 aXPadding,
                            const PRInt32 aYPadding);

    virtual PRInt8 GetAlphaDepth();
    virtual void* GetBitInfo();
    NS_IMETHOD LockImagePixels(PRBool aMaskPixels);
    NS_IMETHOD UnlockImagePixels(PRBool aMaskPixels);

    NS_IMETHOD GetSurface(gfxASurface **aSurface) {
        *aSurface = ThebesSurface();
        return NS_OK;

    gfxASurface* ThebesSurface() {
        if (mOptSurface)
            return mOptSurface;
#if defined(XP_WIN)
        if (mWinSurface)
            return mWinSurface;
#elif defined(XP_MACOSX)
        if (mQuartzSurface)
            return mQuartzSurface;
        return mImageSurface;

    void SetHasNoAlpha();

    static PRBool AllowedImageSize(PRInt32 aWidth, PRInt32 aHeight) {
        NS_ASSERTION(aWidth > 0, "invalid image width");
        NS_ASSERTION(aHeight > 0, "invalid image height");

        // reject over-wide or over-tall images
        const PRInt32 k64KLimit = 0x0000FFFF;
        if (NS_UNLIKELY(aWidth > k64KLimit || aHeight > k64KLimit )) {
            NS_WARNING("image too big");
            return PR_FALSE;
        // protect against division by zero - this really shouldn't happen
        // if our consumers were well behaved, but they aren't (bug 368427)
        if (NS_UNLIKELY(aHeight == 0)) {
            return PR_FALSE;

        // check to make sure we don't overflow a 32-bit
        PRInt32 tmp = aWidth * aHeight;
        if (NS_UNLIKELY(tmp / aHeight != aWidth)) {
            NS_WARNING("width or height too large");
            return PR_FALSE;
        tmp = tmp * 4;
        if (NS_UNLIKELY(tmp / 4 != aWidth * aHeight)) {
            NS_WARNING("width or height too large");
            return PR_FALSE;
        return PR_TRUE;

    gfxImageSurface::gfxImageFormat mFormat;
    PRInt32 mWidth;
    PRInt32 mHeight;
    PRInt32 mStride;
    nsRect mDecoded;
    PRPackedBool mImageComplete;
    PRPackedBool mSinglePixel;
    PRPackedBool mFormatChanged;
#ifdef XP_WIN
    PRPackedBool mIsDDBSurface;

    gfxRGBA mSinglePixelColor;

    nsRefPtr<gfxImageSurface> mImageSurface;
    nsRefPtr<gfxASurface> mOptSurface;
#if defined(XP_WIN)
    nsRefPtr<gfxWindowsSurface> mWinSurface;
#elif defined(XP_MACOSX)
    nsRefPtr<gfxQuartzImageSurface> mQuartzSurface;

    PRUint8 mAlphaDepth;

    // this function should return true if
    // we should (temporarily) not allocate any
    // platform native surfaces and instead use
    // image surfaces for everything.
    static PRBool ShouldUseImageSurfaces();

#endif /* _NSTHEBESIMAGE_H_ */