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Bug 1361661 - Part 1: Generate headers with process data from Processes.yaml. r=dexter Adding the Gecko enums to Processes.yaml allows us to generate mappings from ProcessID to GeckoProcessType. We generate string tables with the Telemetry process names, so we can use these names consistently throughout Telemetry.

# This lists the known child processes we collect Telemetry for.
# The entries are keyed with the names used in Telemetry internally, the same name that is used
# in the main pings payload, i.e. "payload/processes/<process name>". See:
# For now this is only used to inform the data pipeline about new processes, but will be used to
# generate headers with C++ data later (enums, strings, ...).
  gecko_enum: GeckoProcessType_Default
  description: This is the main process. It is also known as the parent or chrome process.
  gecko_enum: GeckoProcessType_Content
  description: This is for processes web content is rendered in.
  gecko_enum: GeckoProcessType_Content
  description: >
    This is the WebExtension process. It is a re-used content process, with the data submitted
    separately to avoid skewing other content process Telemetry.
  gecko_enum: GeckoProcessType_GPU
  description: This is the compositor or GPU process.