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Bug 1334330 - Part 1: stylo: Abstractify nsMappedAttributes to work on arbitrary containers of specified value data; r=bz,emilio MozReview-Commit-ID: BSM4TC9RKot

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 * License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
 * file, You can obtain one at */
#ifndef HTMLBodyElement_h___
#define HTMLBodyElement_h___

#include "mozilla/Attributes.h"
#include "nsGenericHTMLElement.h"
#include "nsIDOMHTMLBodyElement.h"
#include "nsIStyleRule.h"

namespace mozilla {
namespace dom {

class OnBeforeUnloadEventHandlerNonNull;
class HTMLBodyElement;

class BodyRule: public nsIStyleRule
  virtual ~BodyRule();

  explicit BodyRule(HTMLBodyElement* aPart);


  // nsIStyleRule interface
  virtual void MapRuleInfoInto(nsRuleData* aRuleData) override;
  virtual bool MightMapInheritedStyleData() override;
  virtual bool GetDiscretelyAnimatedCSSValue(nsCSSPropertyID aProperty,
                                             nsCSSValue* aValue) override;
#ifdef DEBUG
  virtual void List(FILE* out = stdout, int32_t aIndent = 0) const override;

  HTMLBodyElement*  mPart;  // not ref-counted, cleared by content 

class HTMLBodyElement final : public nsGenericHTMLElement,
                              public nsIDOMHTMLBodyElement
  using Element::GetText;
  using Element::SetText;

  explicit HTMLBodyElement(already_AddRefed<mozilla::dom::NodeInfo>& aNodeInfo)
    : nsGenericHTMLElement(aNodeInfo)

  // nsISupports

  // nsIDOMHTMLBodyElement

  // Event listener stuff; we need to declare only the ones we need to
  // forward to window that don't come from nsIDOMHTMLBodyElement.
#define EVENT(name_, id_, type_, struct_) /* nothing; handled by the shim */
#define WINDOW_EVENT_HELPER(name_, type_)                               \
  type_* GetOn##name_();                                                \
  void SetOn##name_(type_* handler);
#define WINDOW_EVENT(name_, id_, type_, struct_)                        \
  WINDOW_EVENT_HELPER(name_, EventHandlerNonNull)
#define BEFOREUNLOAD_EVENT(name_, id_, type_, struct_)                  \
  WINDOW_EVENT_HELPER(name_, OnBeforeUnloadEventHandlerNonNull)
#include "mozilla/EventNameList.h" // IWYU pragma: keep
#undef EVENT

  void GetText(DOMString& aText)
    GetHTMLAttr(nsGkAtoms::text, aText);
  void SetText(const nsAString& aText, ErrorResult& aError)
    SetHTMLAttr(nsGkAtoms::text, aText, aError);
  void GetLink(DOMString& aLink)
    GetHTMLAttr(nsGkAtoms::link, aLink);
  void SetLink(const nsAString& aLink, ErrorResult& aError)
    SetHTMLAttr(nsGkAtoms::link, aLink, aError);
  void GetVLink(DOMString& aVLink)
    GetHTMLAttr(nsGkAtoms::vlink, aVLink);
  void SetVLink(const nsAString& aVLink, ErrorResult& aError)
    SetHTMLAttr(nsGkAtoms::vlink, aVLink, aError);
  void GetALink(DOMString& aALink)
    GetHTMLAttr(nsGkAtoms::alink, aALink);
  void SetALink(const nsAString& aALink, ErrorResult& aError)
    SetHTMLAttr(nsGkAtoms::alink, aALink, aError);
  void GetBgColor(DOMString& aBgColor)
    GetHTMLAttr(nsGkAtoms::bgcolor, aBgColor);
  void SetBgColor(const nsAString& aBgColor, ErrorResult& aError)
    SetHTMLAttr(nsGkAtoms::bgcolor, aBgColor, aError);
  void GetBackground(DOMString& aBackground)
    GetHTMLAttr(nsGkAtoms::background, aBackground);
  void SetBackground(const nsAString& aBackground, ErrorResult& aError)
    SetHTMLAttr(nsGkAtoms::background, aBackground, aError);

  virtual bool ParseAttribute(int32_t aNamespaceID,
                              nsIAtom* aAttribute,
                              const nsAString& aValue,
                              nsAttrValue& aResult) override;
  virtual void UnbindFromTree(bool aDeep = true,
                              bool aNullParent = true) override;
  virtual nsMapRuleToAttributesFunc GetAttributeMappingFunction() const override;
  NS_IMETHOD WalkContentStyleRules(nsRuleWalker* aRuleWalker) override;
  NS_IMETHOD_(bool) IsAttributeMapped(const nsIAtom* aAttribute) const override;
  virtual already_AddRefed<nsIEditor> GetAssociatedEditor() override;
  virtual nsresult Clone(mozilla::dom::NodeInfo *aNodeInfo, nsINode **aResult) const override;

  virtual bool IsEventAttributeName(nsIAtom* aName) override;

  virtual ~HTMLBodyElement();

  virtual JSObject* WrapNode(JSContext *aCx, JS::Handle<JSObject*> aGivenProto) override;

  RefPtr<BodyRule> mContentStyleRule;

  static void MapAttributesIntoRule(const nsMappedAttributes* aAttributes,
                                    GenericSpecifiedValues* aGenericData);

} // namespace dom
} // namespace mozilla

#endif /* HTMLBodyElement_h___ */