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Bug 735262. Make leaf address printing saner. r=bgirard We don't need to store an mLeafAddress field for each profile entry. Instead just add a 'l' tag for the leaf entries.

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#include "mozilla/layers/PLayers.h"
#include "mozilla/layers/ShadowLayers.h"

#include "LayerManagerOGL.h"
#include "ImageLayers.h"
#include "yuv_convert.h"
#include "mozilla/Mutex.h"

namespace mozilla {
namespace layers {

 * This class wraps a GL texture. It includes a GLContext reference
 * so we can use to free the texture when destroyed. The implementation
 * makes sure to always free the texture on the main thread, even if the
 * destructor runs on another thread.
 * We ensure that the GLContext reference is only addrefed and released
 * on the main thread, although it uses threadsafe recounting so we don't
 * really have to.
 * Initially the texture is not allocated --- it's in a "null" state.
class GLTexture {
  typedef mozilla::gl::GLContext GLContext;

  GLTexture() : mTexture(0) {}
  ~GLTexture() { Release(); }

   * Allocate the texture. This can only be called on the main thread.
  void Allocate(GLContext *aContext);
   * Move the state of aOther to this GLTexture. If this GLTexture currently
   * has a texture, it is released. This can be called on any thread.
  void TakeFrom(GLTexture *aOther);

  bool IsAllocated() { return mTexture != 0; }
  GLuint GetTextureID() { return mTexture; }
  GLContext *GetGLContext() { return mContext; }

  void Release();

  nsRefPtr<GLContext> mContext;
  GLuint mTexture;

 * A RecycleBin is owned by an ImageLayer. We store textures in it that we
 * want to recycle from one image to the next. It's a separate object from 
 * ImageContainer because images need to store a strong ref to their RecycleBin
 * and we must avoid creating a reference loop between an ImageContainer and
 * its active image.
class TextureRecycleBin {

  typedef mozilla::gl::GLContext GLContext;


  enum TextureType {

  void RecycleTexture(GLTexture *aTexture, TextureType aType,
                      const gfxIntSize& aSize);
  void GetTexture(TextureType aType, const gfxIntSize& aSize,
                  GLContext *aContext, GLTexture *aOutTexture);

  typedef mozilla::Mutex Mutex;

  // This protects mRecycledBuffers, mRecycledBufferSize, mRecycledTextures
  // and mRecycledTextureSizes
  Mutex mLock;

  nsTArray<GLTexture> mRecycledTextures[2];
  gfxIntSize mRecycledTextureSizes[2];

class THEBES_API ImageLayerOGL : public ImageLayer,
                                 public LayerOGL
  ImageLayerOGL(LayerManagerOGL *aManager);
  ~ImageLayerOGL() { Destroy(); }

  // LayerOGL Implementation
  virtual void Destroy() { mDestroyed = true; }
  virtual Layer* GetLayer();

  virtual void RenderLayer(int aPreviousFrameBuffer,
                           const nsIntPoint& aOffset);
  virtual void CleanupResources() {}

  void AllocateTexturesYCbCr(PlanarYCbCrImage *aImage);
  void AllocateTexturesCairo(CairoImage *aImage);

  nsRefPtr<TextureRecycleBin> mTextureRecycleBin;

struct THEBES_API PlanarYCbCrOGLBackendData : public ImageBackendData
    if (HasTextures()) {
      mTextureRecycleBin->RecycleTexture(&mTextures[0], TextureRecycleBin::TEXTURE_Y, mYSize);
      mTextureRecycleBin->RecycleTexture(&mTextures[1], TextureRecycleBin::TEXTURE_C, mCbCrSize);
      mTextureRecycleBin->RecycleTexture(&mTextures[2], TextureRecycleBin::TEXTURE_C, mCbCrSize);

  bool HasTextures()
    return mTextures[0].IsAllocated() && mTextures[1].IsAllocated() &&

  GLTexture mTextures[3];
  gfxIntSize mYSize, mCbCrSize;
  nsRefPtr<TextureRecycleBin> mTextureRecycleBin;

struct CairoOGLBackendData : public ImageBackendData
  CairoOGLBackendData() : mLayerProgram(gl::RGBALayerProgramType) {}
  GLTexture mTexture;
  gl::ShaderProgramType mLayerProgram;

class ShadowImageLayerOGL : public ShadowImageLayer,
                            public LayerOGL
  typedef gl::TextureImage TextureImage;

  ShadowImageLayerOGL(LayerManagerOGL* aManager);
  virtual ~ShadowImageLayerOGL();

  // ShadowImageLayer impl
  virtual void Swap(const SharedImage& aFront,
                    SharedImage* aNewBack);

  virtual void Disconnect();

  // LayerOGL impl
  virtual void Destroy();

  virtual Layer* GetLayer();

  virtual void RenderLayer(int aPreviousFrameBuffer,
                           const nsIntPoint& aOffset);

  virtual void CleanupResources();

  bool Init(const SharedImage& aFront);

  nsRefPtr<TextureImage> mTexImage;
  GLTexture mYUVTexture[3];
  gfxIntSize mSize;
  gfxIntSize mCbCrSize;
  nsIntRect mPictureRect;

} /* layers */
} /* mozilla */