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Bug 735262. Make leaf address printing saner. r=bgirard We don't need to store an mLeafAddress field for each profile entry. Instead just add a 'l' tag for the leaf entries.

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#include "LayerManagerD3D10.h"
#include "ImageLayers.h"
#include "yuv_convert.h"

namespace mozilla {
namespace layers {

class THEBES_API ImageLayerD3D10 : public ImageLayer,
                                   public LayerD3D10
  ImageLayerD3D10(LayerManagerD3D10 *aManager)
    : ImageLayer(aManager, NULL)
    , LayerD3D10(aManager)
    mImplData = static_cast<LayerD3D10*>(this);

  // LayerD3D10 Implementation
  virtual Layer* GetLayer();

  virtual void RenderLayer();

  void AllocateTexturesYCbCr(PlanarYCbCrImage *aImage);

struct PlanarYCbCrD3D10BackendData : public ImageBackendData
  nsRefPtr<ID3D10Texture2D> mYTexture;
  nsRefPtr<ID3D10Texture2D> mCrTexture;
  nsRefPtr<ID3D10Texture2D> mCbTexture;
  nsRefPtr<ID3D10ShaderResourceView> mYView;
  nsRefPtr<ID3D10ShaderResourceView> mCbView;
  nsRefPtr<ID3D10ShaderResourceView> mCrView;

struct TextureD3D10BackendData : public ImageBackendData
  nsRefPtr<ID3D10Texture2D> mTexture;
  nsRefPtr<ID3D10ShaderResourceView> mSRView;

} /* layers */
} /* mozilla */
#endif /* GFX_IMAGELAYERD3D10_H */