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Bug 735262. Make leaf address printing saner. r=bgirard We don't need to store an mLeafAddress field for each profile entry. Instead just add a 'l' tag for the leaf entries.

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#include "ColorLayerD3D10.h"

#include "../d3d9/Nv3DVUtils.h"

namespace mozilla {
namespace layers {

ColorLayerD3D10::ColorLayerD3D10(LayerManagerD3D10 *aManager)
  : ColorLayer(aManager, NULL)
  , LayerD3D10(aManager)
  mImplData = static_cast<LayerD3D10*>(this);

  return this;

  float color[4];
  // output color is premultiplied, so we need to adjust all channels.
  // mColor is not premultiplied.
  float opacity = GetEffectiveOpacity() * mColor.a;
  color[0] = (float)(mColor.r * opacity);
  color[1] = (float)(mColor.g * opacity);
  color[2] = (float)(mColor.b * opacity);
  color[3] = opacity;

  const gfx3DMatrix& transform = GetEffectiveTransform();
  void* raw = &const_cast<gfx3DMatrix&>(transform)._11;
  effect()->GetVariableByName("mLayerTransform")->SetRawValue(raw, 0, 64);

  ID3D10EffectTechnique *technique;
  technique = effect()->GetTechniqueByName("RenderSolidColorLayer");

  nsIntRegionRectIterator iter(mVisibleRegion);

  const nsIntRect *iterRect;
  while ((iterRect = iter.Next())) {

    device()->Draw(4, 0);

} /* layers */
} /* mozilla */