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#include "nsISupports.idl"
#include "nsIAccessibleHyperLink.idl"

 * A cross-platform interface that deals with text which contains hyperlinks.

[scriptable, uuid(d56bd454-8ff3-4edc-b266-baeada00267b)]
interface nsIAccessibleHyperText : nsISupports
   * Returns the number of links contained within this hypertext object.
  readonly attribute long linkCount;

   * Returns the link index at the given character index.
   * Each link is an embedded object representing exactly 1 character within
   * the hypertext.
   * @param charIndex  the 0-based character index.
   * @returns long  0-based link's index.
   * A return value of -1 indicates no link is present at that index.
  long getLinkIndex(in long charIndex);

   * Retrieves the nsIAccessibleHyperLink object at the given link index.
   * @param linkIndex  0-based index of the link that is to be retrieved.
   * This can be retrieved via getLinkIndex (see above).
   * @returns nsIAccessibleHyperLink  Object representing the link properties
   * or NS_ERROR_INVALID_ARG if there is no link at that index.
  nsIAccessibleHyperLink getLink(in long linkIndex);