author Ting-Yu Lin <>
Fri, 04 Jan 2019 19:16:28 +0000
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Bug 1517297 - Fix nsIFrame::IsColumnSpanInMulticolSubtree(). r=emilio After Bug 1507244 Part 2 landed, only block or inline frames can have NS_FRAME_HAS_MULTI_COLUMN_ANCESTOR bit set. We need to fix IsColumnSpanInMulticolSubtree() for other types of frames. In multi-column formatting context, every frame having a "column-span:all" style will be wrapped by a -moz-column-span-wrapper frame. We can use this to check whether a non-inline and non-block frame is in a multi-column subtree or not. Differential Revision:

    * {
      column-count: 1;
      min-width: -moz-min-content;
      column-span: all;

    ins {
      display: grid;