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Bug 1491736 - Add an #include "vm/Shape.h" to vm/TypeInference.h so that header can compile without needing to bootleg anything. r=jandem

/* -*- Mode: C++; tab-width: 8; indent-tabs-mode: nil; c-basic-offset: 4 -*-
 * vim: set ts=8 sts=4 et sw=4 tw=99:
 * This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
 * License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
 * file, You can obtain one at http://mozilla.org/MPL/2.0/. */

/* Definitions related to javascript type inference. */

#ifndef vm_TypeInference_h
#define vm_TypeInference_h

#include "mozilla/Attributes.h"
#include "mozilla/Maybe.h"
#include "mozilla/MemoryReporting.h"

#include "jsfriendapi.h"
#include "jstypes.h"

#include "ds/LifoAlloc.h"
#include "gc/Barrier.h"
#include "jit/IonTypes.h"
#include "js/AllocPolicy.h"
#include "js/HeapAPI.h" // js::CurrentThreadCanAccessZone
#include "js/UbiNode.h"
#include "js/Utility.h"
#include "js/Vector.h"
#include "threading/ProtectedData.h" // js::ZoneData
#include "vm/Shape.h"
#include "vm/TypeSet.h"

namespace js {

class TypeConstraint;
class TypeZone;
class CompilerConstraintList;
class HeapTypeSetKey;

namespace jit {

struct IonScript;
class TempAllocator;

} // namespace jit

// If there is an OOM while sweeping types, the type information is deoptimized
// so that it stays correct (i.e. overapproximates the possible types in the
// zone), but constraints might not have been triggered on the deoptimization
// or even copied over completely. In this case, destroy all JIT code and new
// script information in the zone, the only things whose correctness depends on
// the type constraints.
class AutoClearTypeInferenceStateOnOOM
    Zone* zone;
    bool oom;

    AutoClearTypeInferenceStateOnOOM(const AutoClearTypeInferenceStateOnOOM&) = delete;
    void operator=(const AutoClearTypeInferenceStateOnOOM&) = delete;

    explicit AutoClearTypeInferenceStateOnOOM(Zone* zone);

    void setOOM() {
        oom = true;
    bool hadOOM() const {
        return oom;

class MOZ_RAII AutoSweepBase
    // Make sure we don't GC while this class is live since GC might trigger
    // (incremental) sweeping.
    JS::AutoCheckCannotGC nogc;

// Sweep an ObjectGroup. Functions that expect a swept group should take a
// reference to this class.
class MOZ_RAII AutoSweepObjectGroup : public AutoSweepBase
#ifdef DEBUG
    ObjectGroup* group_;

    inline explicit AutoSweepObjectGroup(ObjectGroup* group);
    inline AutoSweepObjectGroup(ObjectGroup* group, AutoClearTypeInferenceStateOnOOM& oom);
#ifdef DEBUG
    inline ~AutoSweepObjectGroup();

    ObjectGroup* group() const {
        return group_;

// Sweep a TypeScript. Functions that expect a swept script should take a
// reference to this class.
class MOZ_RAII AutoSweepTypeScript : public AutoSweepBase
#ifdef DEBUG
    JSScript* script_;

    inline explicit AutoSweepTypeScript(JSScript* script);
    inline AutoSweepTypeScript(JSScript* script, AutoClearTypeInferenceStateOnOOM& oom);
#ifdef DEBUG
    inline ~AutoSweepTypeScript();

    JSScript* script() const {
        return script_;

NewCompilerConstraintList(jit::TempAllocator& alloc);

AddClearDefiniteGetterSetterForPrototypeChain(JSContext* cx, ObjectGroup* group, HandleId id);

AddClearDefiniteFunctionUsesInScript(JSContext* cx, ObjectGroup* group,
                                     JSScript* script, JSScript* calleeScript);

// For groups where only a small number of objects have been allocated, this
// structure keeps track of all objects in the group. Once COUNT objects have
// been allocated, this structure is cleared and the objects are analyzed, to
// perform the new script properties analyses or determine if an unboxed
// representation can be used.
class PreliminaryObjectArray
    static const uint32_t COUNT = 20;

    // All objects with the type which have been allocated. The pointers in
    // this array are weak.
    JSObject* objects[COUNT] = {}; // zeroes

    PreliminaryObjectArray() = default;

    void registerNewObject(PlainObject* res);
    void unregisterObject(PlainObject* obj);

    JSObject* get(size_t i) const {
        MOZ_ASSERT(i < COUNT);
        return objects[i];

    bool full() const;
    bool empty() const;
    void sweep();

class PreliminaryObjectArrayWithTemplate : public PreliminaryObjectArray
    HeapPtr<Shape*> shape_;

    explicit PreliminaryObjectArrayWithTemplate(Shape* shape)
      : shape_(shape)

    void clear() {

    Shape* shape() {
        return shape_;

    void maybeAnalyze(JSContext* cx, ObjectGroup* group, bool force = false);

    void trace(JSTracer* trc);

    static void writeBarrierPre(PreliminaryObjectArrayWithTemplate* preliminaryObjects);

 * A type representing the initializer of a property within a script being 'new'd.
class TypeNewScriptInitializer
    enum Kind
    } kind;
    uint32_t offset;

    TypeNewScriptInitializer(Kind kind, uint32_t offset)
      : kind(kind), offset(offset)

/* Is this a reasonable PC to be doing inlining on? */
inline bool isInlinableCall(jsbytecode* pc);

ClassCanHaveExtraProperties(const Class* clasp);

class RecompileInfo
    JSScript* script_;
    IonCompilationId id_;

    RecompileInfo(JSScript* script, IonCompilationId id)
      : script_(script),

    JSScript* script() const {
        return script_;

    inline jit::IonScript* maybeIonScriptToInvalidate(const TypeZone& zone) const;

    inline bool shouldSweep(const TypeZone& zone);

    bool operator==(const RecompileInfo& other) const {
        return script_== other.script_ && id_ == other.id_;

// The RecompileInfoVector has a MinInlineCapacity of one so that invalidating a
// single IonScript doesn't require an allocation.
typedef Vector<RecompileInfo, 1, SystemAllocPolicy> RecompileInfoVector;

/* Persistent type information for a script, retained across GCs. */
class TypeScript
    friend class ::JSScript;

    // The freeze constraints added to stack type sets will only directly
    // invalidate the script containing those stack type sets. This Vector
    // contains compilations that inlined this script, so we can invalidate
    // them as well.
    RecompileInfoVector inlinedCompilations_;

    // Variable-size array
    StackTypeSet typeArray_[1];

    RecompileInfoVector& inlinedCompilations() {
        return inlinedCompilations_;
    MOZ_MUST_USE bool addInlinedCompilation(RecompileInfo info) {
        if (!inlinedCompilations_.empty() && inlinedCompilations_.back() == info) {
            return true;
        return inlinedCompilations_.append(info);

    /* Array of type sets for variables and JOF_TYPESET ops. */
    StackTypeSet* typeArray() const {
        // Ensure typeArray_ is the last data member of TypeScript.
        JS_STATIC_ASSERT(sizeof(TypeScript) ==
                         sizeof(typeArray_) + offsetof(TypeScript, typeArray_));
        return const_cast<StackTypeSet*>(typeArray_);

    static inline size_t SizeIncludingTypeArray(size_t arraySize) {
        // Ensure typeArray_ is the last data member of TypeScript.
        JS_STATIC_ASSERT(sizeof(TypeScript) ==
            sizeof(StackTypeSet) + offsetof(TypeScript, typeArray_));
        return offsetof(TypeScript, typeArray_) + arraySize * sizeof(StackTypeSet);

    static inline unsigned NumTypeSets(JSScript* script);

    static inline StackTypeSet* ThisTypes(JSScript* script);
    static inline StackTypeSet* ArgTypes(JSScript* script, unsigned i);

    /* Get the type set for values observed at an opcode. */
    static inline StackTypeSet* BytecodeTypes(JSScript* script, jsbytecode* pc);

    template <typename TYPESET>
    static inline TYPESET* BytecodeTypes(JSScript* script, jsbytecode* pc, uint32_t* bytecodeMap,
                                         uint32_t* hint, TYPESET* typeArray);

     * Monitor a bytecode pushing any value. This must be called for any opcode
     * which is JOF_TYPESET, and where either the script has not been analyzed
     * by type inference or where the pc has type barriers. For simplicity, we
     * always monitor JOF_TYPESET opcodes in the interpreter and stub calls,
     * and only look at barriers when generating JIT code for the script.
    static inline void Monitor(JSContext* cx, JSScript* script, jsbytecode* pc,
                               const js::Value& val);
    static inline void Monitor(JSContext* cx, JSScript* script, jsbytecode* pc,
                               TypeSet::Type type);
    static inline void Monitor(JSContext* cx, const js::Value& rval);

    static inline void Monitor(JSContext* cx, JSScript* script, jsbytecode* pc,
                               StackTypeSet* types, const js::Value& val);

    /* Monitor an assignment at a SETELEM on a non-integer identifier. */
    static inline void MonitorAssign(JSContext* cx, HandleObject obj, jsid id);

    /* Add a type for a variable in a script. */
    static inline void SetThis(JSContext* cx, JSScript* script, TypeSet::Type type);
    static inline void SetThis(JSContext* cx, JSScript* script, const js::Value& value);
    static inline void SetArgument(JSContext* cx, JSScript* script, unsigned arg,
                                   TypeSet::Type type);
    static inline void SetArgument(JSContext* cx, JSScript* script, unsigned arg,
                                   const js::Value& value);

     * Freeze all the stack type sets in a script, for a compilation. Returns
     * copies of the type sets which will be checked against the actual ones
     * under FinishCompilation, to detect any type changes.
    static bool FreezeTypeSets(CompilerConstraintList* constraints, JSScript* script,
                               TemporaryTypeSet** pThisTypes,
                               TemporaryTypeSet** pArgTypes,
                               TemporaryTypeSet** pBytecodeTypes);

    static void Purge(JSContext* cx, HandleScript script);

    void destroy();

    size_t sizeOfIncludingThis(mozilla::MallocSizeOf mallocSizeOf) const {
        return mallocSizeOf(this);

#ifdef DEBUG
    void printTypes(JSContext* cx, HandleScript script) const;

// Ensures no TypeScripts are purged in the current zone.
class MOZ_RAII AutoKeepTypeScripts
    TypeZone& zone_;
    bool prev_;

    AutoKeepTypeScripts(const AutoKeepTypeScripts&) = delete;
    void operator=(const AutoKeepTypeScripts&) = delete;

    explicit inline AutoKeepTypeScripts(JSContext* cx);
    inline ~AutoKeepTypeScripts();

FillBytecodeTypeMap(JSScript* script, uint32_t* bytecodeMap);

class RecompileInfo;

// Generate the type constraints for the compilation. Sets |isValidOut| based on
// whether the type constraints still hold.
FinishCompilation(JSContext* cx, HandleScript script, CompilerConstraintList* constraints,
                  IonCompilationId compilationId, bool* isValidOut);

// Update the actual types in any scripts queried by constraints with any
// speculative types added during the definite properties analysis.
FinishDefinitePropertiesAnalysis(JSContext* cx, CompilerConstraintList* constraints);

struct AutoEnterAnalysis;

class TypeZone
    JS::Zone* const zone_;

    /* Pool for type information in this zone. */
    static const size_t TYPE_LIFO_ALLOC_PRIMARY_CHUNK_SIZE = 8 * 1024;
    ZoneData<LifoAlloc> typeLifoAlloc_;

    // Under CodeGenerator::link, the id of the current compilation.
    ZoneData<mozilla::Maybe<IonCompilationId>> currentCompilationId_;

    TypeZone(const TypeZone&) = delete;
    void operator=(const TypeZone&) = delete;

    // Current generation for sweeping.
    ZoneOrGCTaskOrIonCompileData<uint32_t> generation;

    // During incremental sweeping, allocator holding the old type information
    // for the zone.
    ZoneData<LifoAlloc> sweepTypeLifoAlloc;

    // During incremental sweeping, whether to try to destroy all type
    // information attached to scripts.
    ZoneData<bool> sweepReleaseTypes;

    ZoneData<bool> sweepingTypes;

    ZoneData<bool> keepTypeScripts;

    // The topmost AutoEnterAnalysis on the stack, if there is one.
    ZoneData<AutoEnterAnalysis*> activeAnalysis;

    explicit TypeZone(JS::Zone* zone);

    JS::Zone* zone() const { return zone_; }

    LifoAlloc& typeLifoAlloc() {
        return typeLifoAlloc_.ref();

    void beginSweep(bool releaseTypes);
    void endSweep(JSRuntime* rt);
    void clearAllNewScriptsOnOOM(AutoClearTypeInferenceStateOnOOM& oom);

    /* Mark a script as needing recompilation once inference has finished. */
    void addPendingRecompile(JSContext* cx, const RecompileInfo& info);
    void addPendingRecompile(JSContext* cx, JSScript* script);

    void processPendingRecompiles(FreeOp* fop, RecompileInfoVector& recompiles);

    void setSweepingTypes(bool sweeping) {
        MOZ_RELEASE_ASSERT(sweepingTypes != sweeping);
        sweepingTypes = sweeping;

    mozilla::Maybe<IonCompilationId> currentCompilationId() const {
        return currentCompilationId_.ref();
    mozilla::Maybe<IonCompilationId>& currentCompilationIdRef() {
        return currentCompilationId_.ref();

enum SpewChannel {
    ISpewOps,      /* ops: New constraints and types. */
    ISpewResult,   /* result: Final type sets. */

#ifdef DEBUG

bool InferSpewActive(SpewChannel channel);
const char * InferSpewColorReset();
const char * InferSpewColor(TypeConstraint* constraint);
const char * InferSpewColor(TypeSet* types);

#define InferSpew(channel, ...) if (InferSpewActive(channel)) { InferSpewImpl(__VA_ARGS__); } else {}
void InferSpewImpl(const char* fmt, ...) MOZ_FORMAT_PRINTF(1, 2);

/* Check that the type property for id in group contains value. */
bool ObjectGroupHasProperty(JSContext* cx, ObjectGroup* group, jsid id, const Value& value);


inline const char * InferSpewColorReset() { return nullptr; }
inline const char * InferSpewColor(TypeConstraint* constraint) { return nullptr; }
inline const char * InferSpewColor(TypeSet* types) { return nullptr; }

#define InferSpew(channel, ...) do {} while (0)


// Prints type information for a context if spew is enabled or force is set.
PrintTypes(JSContext* cx, JS::Compartment* comp, bool force);

} /* namespace js */

// JS::ubi::Nodes can point to object groups; they're js::gc::Cell instances
// with no associated compartment.
namespace JS {
namespace ubi {

class Concrete<js::ObjectGroup> : TracerConcrete<js::ObjectGroup> {
    explicit Concrete(js::ObjectGroup *ptr) : TracerConcrete<js::ObjectGroup>(ptr) { }

    static void construct(void *storage, js::ObjectGroup *ptr) { new (storage) Concrete(ptr); }

    Size size(mozilla::MallocSizeOf mallocSizeOf) const override;

    const char16_t* typeName() const override { return concreteTypeName; }
    static const char16_t concreteTypeName[];

} // namespace ubi
} // namespace JS

#endif /* vm_TypeInference_h */