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Bug 1397536: Avoid newURI overhead for MatchPattern. r=ehsan,mixedpuppy Ehsan, can you please review the (trivial) WebIDL changes, and Shane the WebRequest logic? The change to allow strings in MatchPattern arguments removes a huge amount of XPConnect overhead that accumulates when creating nsIURI objects for WebRequest processing. The change to re-use existing URI objects removes a huge amount of URI creation overhead. MozReview-Commit-ID: 3DJjAKJK1Sa

/* This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
 * License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
 * file, You can obtain one at */

interface LoadInfo;
interface MozChannel;
interface URI;
interface nsISupports;

 * Load types that correspond to the external types in nsIContentPolicy.idl.
 * Please also update that IDL when updating this list.
enum MozContentPolicyType {

 * A thin wrapper around nsIChannel and nsIHttpChannel that allows JS
 * callers to access them without XPConnect overhead.
[ChromeOnly, Exposed=System]
interface ChannelWrapper {
   * Returns the wrapper instance for the given channel. The same wrapper is
   * always returned for a given channel.
  static ChannelWrapper get(MozChannel channel);

  [Constant, StoreInSlot]
  readonly attribute unsigned long long id;

  // Not technically pure, since it's backed by a weak reference, but if JS
  // has a reference to the previous value, we can depend on it not being
  // collected.
  attribute MozChannel? channel;

  void cancel(unsigned long result);

  void redirectTo(URI url);

  attribute ByteString contentType;

  [Cached, Pure]
  readonly attribute ByteString method;

  [Cached, Pure]
  readonly attribute MozContentPolicyType type;

  [Pure, SetterThrows]
  attribute boolean suspended;

  [Cached, GetterThrows, Pure]
  readonly attribute URI finalURI;

  [Cached, GetterThrows, Pure]
  readonly attribute ByteString finalURL;

  [Cached, Pure]
  readonly attribute unsigned long statusCode;

  [Cached, Pure]
  readonly attribute ByteString statusLine;

  [Cached, Frozen, GetterThrows, Pure]
  readonly attribute MozProxyInfo? proxyInfo;

  [Cached, Pure]
  readonly attribute ByteString? remoteAddress;

  [Cached, Pure]
  readonly attribute LoadInfo? loadInfo;

  [Cached, Pure]
  readonly attribute boolean isSystemLoad;

  [Cached, Pure]
  readonly attribute ByteString? originURL;

  [Cached, Pure]
  readonly attribute ByteString? documentURL;

  readonly attribute URI? originURI;

  readonly attribute URI? documentURI;

  [Cached, GetterThrows, Pure]
  readonly attribute boolean canModify;

  [Cached, Constant]
  readonly attribute long long windowId;

  [Cached, Constant]
  readonly attribute long long parentWindowId;

  [Cached, Pure]
  readonly attribute nsISupports? browserElement;

  object getRequestHeaders();

  object getResponseHeaders();

  void setRequestHeader(ByteString header, ByteString value);

  void setResponseHeader(ByteString header, ByteString value);

dictionary MozProxyInfo {
  required ByteString host;
  required long port;
  required ByteString type;

  required boolean proxyDNS;

  ByteString? username = null;

  unsigned long failoverTimeout;