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Bug 702621 - GCLI needs fixes for the minor issues created by bug 692742; r=dcamp,dao

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#include "nsISupports.idl"

 * The nsIDocCharset interface allows the user to view, 
 * hint, and set which converter is used to read the document's 
 * data.
 * <P>Inside Mozilla all text is encoded as Unicode. By standardizing  
 * on Unicode every piece of code that handles characters no longer 
 * needs to: 
 *     Have access to a character encoding parameter.
 *     Ask is the data stateful?
 *     Ask is the data single byte?
 *     Ask is the data multi-byte?
 *     If multi-byte: have access to a routine that can
 *         determine how many bytes in the current character.
 * When the document is read in a converter is used to convert 
 * the document's data to Unicode.
 * nsIDocCharset provides the ability to:
 *   See what converter was used when inputting the documents
 *   data.
 *   Override the character set for documents where the specified 
 *   fallback, or auto-detected character set is incorrect
[scriptable, uuid(9c18bb4e-1dd1-11b2-bf91-9cc82c275823)]
interface nsIDocCharset : nsISupports
     * Get/sets the encoding (converter) used to read the 
     * document. Get returns the encoding used. Set forces 
     * (overrides) the encoding. After forcing the charset the 
     * embedding application will need to cause the data to be 
     * reparsed in order to update the DOM / display.
     * A force also sets the fallback encoding for this frame.
    attribute string charset;