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Bug 805123 - Remove country code validation from navigator.mozPay(); r=fabrice

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#include "nsISupports.idl"

[scriptable, uuid(2a9bc152-ce8d-4ac5-a2b0-7fb52501178e)]
interface nsIDOMPaymentProductPrice : nsISupports
  // Each price has a currency associated.
  readonly attribute DOMString currency;

  // Total amount of the product being sold.
  readonly attribute double amount;

[scriptable, uuid(95b89ed3-074d-4c31-a26d-5f0abed420a2)]
interface nsIDOMPaymentRequestInfo : nsISupports
  // Base64 encoded and digitally signed payment request.
  readonly attribute DOMString jwt;

  // JWT type that identifies the payment provider owner of the payment request
  // format.
  readonly attribute DOMString type;

  // Payment provider name.
  readonly attribute DOMString providerName;

[scriptable, uuid(7a9f78a6-84c6-4f8a-bb3e-3d9ae34727db)]
interface nsIDOMPaymentRequestPaymentInfo : nsIDOMPaymentRequestInfo
  // Name of the product being sold.
  readonly attribute DOMString productName;

  // Human readable description about the product being sold.
  readonly attribute DOMString productDescription;

  // Could be a single nsIDOMPaymentProductPrice or an array of them.
  readonly attribute jsval productPrice;

[scriptable, uuid(9759800a-7766-48c3-a6a6-efbe6ab54054)]
interface nsIDOMPaymentRequestRefundInfo : nsIDOMPaymentRequestInfo
  // If the requests is a refund request, it must contain a refund reason.
  readonly attribute DOMString reason;