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Bug 1510490 - Measure shader cache memory usage and remove total_gpu_bytes. r=mattwoodrow The latter causes confusion in the memory reports because it gets summed up and thus effectively doubles the reported texture memory usage. I've decided it's best to drop, and so might as well do that while we're already messing around with the memory reports and the associated boilerplate. Depends on D13439 Differential Revision:

General fixes:

- Implement 'rand' feature.

API issues:

- API to accept a list of languages?

- Remove hb_ot_shape_glyphs_closure()?

API additions

- Language to/from script.

- Add hb-cairo glue

- Add sanitize API (and a cached version, that saves result on blob user-data)

- BCP 47 language handling / API (language_matches?)

- Add hb_font_create_unscaled()?

- Add query / enumeration API for aalt-like features?

- Add segmentation API

- Add hb-fribidi glue?

hb-view / hb-shape enhancements:

- Add --width, --height, --auto-size, --ink-box, --align, etc?