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bug 1324071 - add nsIPK11Token.hasPassword to replace unnecessary uses of nsIPKCS11Slot.status r=Cykesiopka,gps,MattN,sebastian MozReview-Commit-ID: C2jwQHPEDC0

/* -*- indent-tabs-mode: nil; js-indent-level: 2 -*- */
// Any copyright is dedicated to the Public Domain.
"use strict";

// Tests the methods and attributes for interfacing with a PKCS #11 module and
// the module database.

// Ensure that the appropriate initialization has happened.

const gModuleDB = Cc[";1"]

function checkTestModuleNotPresent() {
  let modules = gModuleDB.listModules();
     "One or more modules should be present with test module not present");
  while (modules.hasMoreElements()) {
    let module = modules.getNext().QueryInterface(Ci.nsIPKCS11Module);
    notEqual(, "PKCS11 Test Module",
             "Non-test module name shouldn't equal 'PKCS11 Test Module'");
    ok(!(module.libName && module.libName.includes("pkcs11testmodule")),
       "Non-test module lib name should not include 'pkcs11testmodule'");

  throws(() => gModuleDB.findModuleByName("PKCS11 Test Module"),
         /NS_ERROR_FAILURE/, "Test module should not be findable by name");

 * Checks that the test module exists in the module list.
 * Also checks various attributes of the test module for correctness.
 * @returns {nsIPKCS11Module}
 *          The test module.
function checkTestModuleExists() {
  let modules = gModuleDB.listModules();
     "One or more modules should be present with test module present");
  let testModule = null;
  while (modules.hasMoreElements()) {
    let module = modules.getNext().QueryInterface(Ci.nsIPKCS11Module);
    if ( == "PKCS11 Test Module") {
      testModule = module;
  notEqual(testModule, null, "Test module should have been found");
  notEqual(testModule.libName, null, "Test module lib name should not be null");
     "Test module lib name should include lib name of 'pkcs11testmodule'");

  notEqual(gModuleDB.findModuleByName("PKCS11 Test Module"), null,
           "Test module should be findable by name");

  return testModule;

function run_test() {
  // Check that if we have never added the test module, that we don't find it
  // in the module list.

  // Check that adding the test module makes it appear in the module list.
  let testModule = checkTestModuleExists();

  // Check that listing the slots for the test module works.
  let slots = testModule.listSlots();
  let testModuleSlotNames = [];
  while (slots.hasMoreElements()) {
    let slot = slots.getNext().QueryInterface(Ci.nsIPKCS11Slot);
  const expectedSlotNames = ["Test PKCS11 Slot", "Test PKCS11 Slot 二"];
  deepEqual(testModuleSlotNames, expectedSlotNames,
            "Actual and expected slot names should be equal");

  // Check that finding the test slot by name is possible, and that trying to
  // find a non-present slot fails.
  notEqual(testModule.findSlotByName("Test PKCS11 Slot"), null,
           "Test slot should be findable by name");
  throws(() => testModule.findSlotByName("Not Present"), /NS_ERROR_FAILURE/,
         "Non-present slot should not be findable by name");

  // Check that the strangely named nsIPKCS11ModuleDB.findSlotByName() works.
  // In particular, a comment in nsPKCS11Slot.cpp notes that the method
  // "is essentially the same as nsIPK11Token::findTokenByName, except that it
  //  returns an nsIPKCS11Slot".
  let strBundleSvc = Cc[";1"]
  let bundle =
  let internalTokenName = bundle.GetStringFromName("PrivateTokenDescription");
  let internalTokenAsSlot = gModuleDB.findSlotByName(internalTokenName);
  notEqual(internalTokenAsSlot, null,
           "Internal 'slot' should be findable by name via the module DB");
  ok(internalTokenAsSlot instanceof Ci.nsIPKCS11Slot,
     "Module DB findSlotByName() should return a token as an nsIPKCS11Slot");
        "Spot check: actual and expected internal 'slot' names should be equal");
  throws(() => gModuleDB.findSlotByName("Not Present"), /NS_ERROR_FAILURE/,
         "Non-present 'slot' should not be findable by name via the module DB");
  throws(() => gModuleDB.findSlotByName(""), /NS_ERROR_ILLEGAL_VALUE/,
         "nsIPKCS11ModuleDB.findSlotByName should throw given an empty name");

  // Check that deleting the test module makes it disappear from the module list.
  let pkcs11 = Cc[";1"].getService(Ci.nsIPKCS11);
  pkcs11.deleteModule("PKCS11 Test Module");

  // Check miscellaneous module DB methods and attributes.
  notEqual(gModuleDB.getInternal(), null,
           "The internal module should be present");
  notEqual(gModuleDB.getInternalFIPS(), null,
           "The internal FIPS module should be present");
  ok(gModuleDB.canToggleFIPS, "It should be possible to toggle FIPS");
  ok(!gModuleDB.isFIPSEnabled, "FIPS should not be enabled");