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Fri, 24 Oct 2008 16:29:33 -0400
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Bug 460999 - Generate inheritance graphs for the base of the string hierarchy and upload them to MDC with image maps r=jorendorff

#!/usr/bin/env python

Fix references to source files of the form [LOCpath]
so that they are relative to a given source directory.

Substitute the DOT-generated image map into the document.

import os, sys, re

(srcdir, ) = sys.argv[1:]
srcdir = os.path.realpath(srcdir)

f = re.compile(r'\[LOC(.*?)\]')

def replacer(m):
    file = m.group(1)
    file = os.path.realpath(file)
    if not file.startswith(srcdir):
        raise Exception("File %s doesn't start with %s" % (file, srcdir))

    file = file[len(srcdir) + 1:]
    return file

s = re.compile(r'\[MAP(.*?)\]')

def mapreplace(m):
    file = m.group(1)
    c = open(file).read()
    return c

for line in sys.stdin:
    line = f.sub(replacer, line)
    line = s.sub(mapreplace, line)