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#include "mozilla/Module.h"
#include "mozilla/NullPtr.h"

/* Ensure end_kPStaticModules is at the end of the .kPStaticModules section
 * on Windows. Somehow, placing the object last is not enough with PGO/LTCG. */
#ifdef _MSC_VER
/* Sections on Windows are in two parts, separated with $. When linking,
 * sections with the same first part are all grouped, and ordered
 * alphabetically with the second part as sort key. */
#  pragma section(".kPStaticModules$Z", read)
#  define NSMODULE_SECTION __declspec(allocate(".kPStaticModules$Z"), dllexport)
NSMODULE_DEFN(end_kPStaticModules) = nullptr;