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#if !defined(nsAudioStream_h_)
#define nsAudioStream_h_

#include "nscore.h"
#include "nsISupportsImpl.h"
#include "nsIThread.h"

class nsAudioStream : public nsISupports

  enum SampleFormat

  // Initialize Audio Library. Some Audio backends require initializing the
  // library before using it. 
  static void InitLibrary();

  // Shutdown Audio Library. Some Audio backends require shutting down the
  // library after using it.
  static void ShutdownLibrary();

  // Thread, usually for MOZ_IPC handling, that is shared between audio streams.
  // This may return null in the child process
  static nsIThread *GetGlobalThread();

  // AllocateStream will return either a local stream or a remoted stream
  // depending on where you call it from.  If MOZ_IPC is enabled, and you
  // call this from a child process, you may recieve an implementation which
  // forwards to a compositing process.
  static nsAudioStream* AllocateStream();

  // Initialize the audio stream. aNumChannels is the number of audio channels 
  // (1 for mono, 2 for stereo, etc) and aRate is the frequency of the sound 
  // samples (22050, 44100, etc).
  virtual nsresult Init(PRInt32 aNumChannels, PRInt32 aRate, SampleFormat aFormat) = 0;

  // Closes the stream. All future use of the stream is an error.
  virtual void Shutdown() = 0;

  // Write sound data to the audio hardware.  aBuf is an array of samples in
  // the format specified by mFormat of length aCount.  aCount should be
  // evenly divisible by the number of channels in this audio stream.
  // When aBlocking is PR_TRUE, we'll block until the write has completed,
  // otherwise we'll buffer any data we can't write immediately, and write
  // it in a later call.
  virtual nsresult Write(const void* aBuf, PRUint32 aCount, PRBool aBlocking) = 0;

  // Return the number of sound samples that can be written to the audio device
  // without blocking.
  virtual PRUint32 Available() = 0;

  // Set the current volume of the audio playback. This is a value from
  // 0 (meaning muted) to 1 (meaning full volume).
  virtual void SetVolume(float aVolume) = 0;

  // Block until buffered audio data has been consumed.
  virtual void Drain() = 0;

  // Pause audio playback
  virtual void Pause() = 0;

  // Resume audio playback
  virtual void Resume() = 0;

  // Return the position in milliseconds of the sample being played by the
  // audio hardware.
  virtual PRInt64 GetPosition() = 0;

  // Return the position, measured in samples played since the start, by
  // the audio hardware.
  virtual PRInt64 GetSampleOffset() = 0;

  // Returns PR_TRUE when the audio stream is paused.
  virtual PRBool IsPaused() = 0;