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Bug 1540015 - part 1: Make Document.h stop including nsIPresShell.h r=smaug If `Document::GetShell()` returns `PresShell*` rather than `nsIPresShell`, it's a good step to deCOMTaminate `PresShell`. This patch makes `Document.h` stop including `nsIPresShell.h` since `nsIPresShell.h` includes `Document.h` indirectly and that causes bustage when we make `Document::GetShell()` return `PresShell*`. Differential Revision:

# This Makefile is used as a shim to aid people with muscle memory
# so that they can type "make".
# This file and all of its targets should not be used by anything important.

all: build

	./mach build

	./mach clobber

.PHONY: all build clean