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Bug 1562789 - SmallPointerArray should support moves, and have an IsEmpty() helper. r=froydnj This also implicitly deletes its copy-assignment operator and copy-constructor, which is great since it's a huge footgun. Differential Revision:

#ifndef mozilla_StackWalk_windows_h
#define mozilla_StackWalk_windows_h

#include "mozilla/Types.h"

#if defined(_M_AMD64) || defined(_M_ARM64)
 * Allow stack walkers to work around the egregious win64 dynamic lookup table
 * list API by locking around SuspendThread to avoid deadlock.
 * See comment in StackWalk.cpp
struct MOZ_RAII AutoSuppressStackWalking {
  MFBT_API AutoSuppressStackWalking();
  MFBT_API ~AutoSuppressStackWalking();

MFBT_API void RegisterJitCodeRegion(uint8_t* aStart, size_t size);

MFBT_API void UnregisterJitCodeRegion(uint8_t* aStart, size_t size);
#endif  // _M_AMD64

#endif  // mozilla_StackWalk_windows_h